Podcasting is a new element in the paradigm of Digital Marketing. Though the concept is not exactly a novel one, its use in digital marketing is true. Podcasting essentially means distributing audio content via the internet. After exhausting the available resources of video content, digital marketers essentially turned to audio space to reach their audience. Read More →

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Content marketing is a strategic process in which content is used to achieve a marketing goal. As per your product or brand, the content is ideated, created and promoted to reach your target audience and aims at educating them and making them aware of your business, convince them to take action and finally turning them Read More →

Today, even the smallest company needs to have a social media presence. It’s known to be one of the best ways to make sure you’re consistently at the forefront of people’s minds and if used correctly, can give your brand a consistent and relatable exposure. However, social media’s greatest strength can also be its greatest Read More →

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The unprecedented crisis of Covid-19 laid its impacts on almost every aspect of human lives, be it day to day living or business or social interactions. While some impacts are really appalling, there are certain impacts that can curve the way towards more positive outcomes. Today, let’s check out how digital marketing got impacted in Read More →