13 Funny Gifs That Perfectly Describe Our Office Life


How my boss reacts when I ask for a leave.



When the boss asks if anybody has fresh ideas.

share ideas


When I am searching for a new concept.

new concept


 When boss asks me where did I get that idea from.

got idea


When there’s urgent work and boss says “let’s do it”.

urgent work


 That feeling when client appreciates our work.



When I and my colleague come up with the same idea.



 When I don’t want to share my lunch.



When I realize it’s a Saturday morning.



 When my joke is too good to be understood by others.



How teamwork brings us closer.



When office announces we are going for a picnic next week.

When office announces we are going for a picnic next week


How we sleep after a hard day’s work.



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When Brands Meet Bollywood

Brands have their set paths of promotions. But many a times they do cross over to the other side to promote through unconventional mediums like movies. There have been ample instances where brands have benefited from bollywood movies. Lets take a look at some.


Movie: Love

Brand: Maggi


This 1991 classic is one of the most memorable movies that relates to the brand. In fact the name of the heroine in the movie itself was Maggi.


Movie: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Brand: Polo


A trend setter of sorts, the movie created a furore for the brand and made it hip.


Movie: Ra One

Brand: Playstation 3


This was one of the 1st major associations of a brand with a movie. It was a win-win situation for both as the brand and the movie gained from each other’s popularity.


Movie: Goal

Brand: Reebok


The association was natural since it was a sports based movie.


Movie: Dhoom

Brand: Suzuki Hayabusa


This was one of the best examples of how a movie can boost a brand beyond imagination.


Movie: Don/Don 2

Brand: Tag Heuer


Shah Rukh Khan wore the watch in almost all the major scenes that gave the brand a very good visibility.


Movie: Bobby

Brand: Rajdoot Bike


Although the movie launched the careers of Dimple Kapadia & Rishi Kapoor, there was also a third face it launched, Rajdoot bike.


Movie: Krrish/Koi Mil Gaya

Brand: Bournvita

koi mil gaya

The movie blatantly promoted the brand, so much that Koi Mil Gaya had Hrithik saying “mein roz bournvita peeta hoon”


Movie: Taal

Brand: Coke


Apart from having a sensational soundtrack and very good performances, what stoled the limelight was Coke.


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