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Pro design tips to create fascinating infographics

The trend of infographics has been there for a long time & you may come across thousands of options on visual sites like Pinterest. Not only do they help users to absorb information better, but they are also used by many companies to explain things in a clear manner.

Infographics have been proven to be a powerful tool to help the marketers share their messages in a better and expressive way, over the last decade they have managed to grow too much popularity in the last decade. Imagine why do they work so well? The answer is that it helps your brain to process the content better and quicker with the help of images.

That is the reason they have been increasing in popularity in the past few decades. Why do they have been attracting visually and are highly shareable, hence they come in handy for very applications and presentation, it is the best medium to provide information in a quirky yet classy way. To marketers, although a well made infographic is not just a piece of content, it is a piece of art somehow and that is the reason we are giving you tips to master the art of infographics.

Here is a fact to back the argument that humans have more liking for visual information as compared to text. Humans process visual scenes 60,000 times faster than text. Infographics is not just about rendering information, it is about maintaining an equilibrium between data and design. If you are a designer and want to create an infographic, then below are some tips for designing better.

Target audience:

Targeting your audience is one of the highest priorities when it comes to infographics, it is important to know what your target audience is interested in creating infographics which are applauded by your audience. The infographics with the most attention and virality are the ones which meet and understand the target audience.

There is one mistake which people make is that while creating an infographic they choose something which is generically popular instead of what they should do is to make something from which their audience can relate.

For example if we are targeting teachers:
Our idea while creating an infographic should be targeting the school, their life and what they wish to see exactly, to plan and execute this thing anybody would need a good amount of research which is extremely important.


Story telling - Infographic

One of the vital elements for creating a fascinating infographic is keeping the information ready and choosing a proper template. There are many vector templates, license high-res, royalty-free images available stock images sites, which you can directly upload on illustrator and give it your own touch of creativity. One can also create vector art from scratch with image and drawing layers available on Adobe Illustrator.

Selection of icons

Selection of Icons - Infographic

The use of flat icons is huge when it comes to creating infographics. There are several sites which offer free flat icons and one of the advantages of these icons is that they can be scaled up and down without the loss of quality. Free icons are trending for their simplicity as the application is not just limited to infographics, while it is highly used to spice up social media images, to illustrate the information on slideshows, to enhance business cards & much more!

Using graphic styles for charts

Styles for Charts - Infographic

Infographic also involves use of charts and graphs, therefore picking up the right style of graphic charts is significant. Make sure your selection of graphics conveys data properly with making it look cluttered.


Typo Graphy - Infographic

For every designer, selecting the best graphic that aligns with the typeface is equally important. It is better to stick to the primary font categories like serifs, sans serifs, and display fonts. Maintain a rule where the typography matches with the theme of infographic. Be sure to position and align the same types of elements together, body text, headers, graphics, etc.

Simplicity wins:

One of the best benefits of infographics is that it can be made simple yet beautiful ideas into a simple visual form.

Look at the flow

Flow of Information

This element is missed by most designers. Have you ever gone through an infographic & were confused about where to start reading the info from? If your infographic fails to convey readers about the data properly, then it’s time you pay attention to the flow. Make sure you avoid such mistakes by using subtitles to show differentiation.

Have any tips to share with us? Do let us know in the comments section.

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Simplicity wins:

One of the best benefits of infographics is that it can be made simple yet beautiful ideas into a simple visual form.


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8 Inspiring Quotes From ‘The Father of Advertising’ David Ogilvy

For advertising agencies, the most famous agency Ogilvy & Mather wouldn’t be new name. The ad company named Hewitt, Ogilvy, Benson & Mather (which eventually became Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide) was started in the year 1947 by Ogilvy. Known as the “Father of Advertising,” David Ogilvy has rightly proved that big journeys begin with small steps. So far, the path of success for the mastermind has been tumultuous one as before becoming an inspirational businessman, he worked as a chef, a door-to-door, a farmer and even conducted research in the movie industry. Despite all his struggles, these jobs taught him valuable lessons on ‘salesmanship.’

With his business acumen for ads and an impeccable creative thinking, the advertising tycoon created some of the most iconic marketing campaigns for Schwepps, Rolls Royce, the island of Puerto Rico and how can one forget the legendary ad campaign done for the Hathaway Shirt.

imageHe was acknowledged as “the most sought-after wizard in today’s advertising industry” by Time magazine in 1962.

Below are some of the inspiring quotes by the business tycoon:

1. Audience spend very limited time on a particular ad, so it is better to strike the right chord to engage them.



2. Prospects show more interest in ad content which are specific. Make sure you bring specificity in every aspect of your creative process.



3. Informative & to-the-point ads are consumed better by target audience and they are likely to have an influential impact on consumer behaviour as well.


4. When it comes to creatively selling a product or a service, think of creating an ad content and design which is insightful, intriguing & connects with your audience.


5. Want to connect with the right target audience? It is important that you research about your consumers likes, wants, behaviour and speech so as to create headlines that persuades them. Ogilvy always believed in studying consumer behaviour and psychology before creating any ad.



6. Make sure your headlines are simple, as tricky titles are always ignored. Nearly 8 out of 10 people tend to focus more on a ‘title.’


7. There are times when your ad may not generate the amount of interest you had expected. Perhaps you need to nurture them in a different way & testing is the only way to figure out what’s not working, why, and how to fix it.


8. Researching about buyer persona is very important, even Ogilvy believed in doing so.

Who is your inspiration? Tell us in the comment section below.

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Reach your existing customers with retargeting on Facebook


Blog - 9th aug - 3

When it comes to finding the right people and capturing their attention, advertising on Facebook or Instagram is an ideal platform. Several prospective customers click on the ad and complete the purchasing process, while there are a few who may not always complete the action.
Here’s a fact which indicates that around 98% of users who visit your website leave the site without completing an action. This is where retargeting on Facebook comes into play. Remarketing allows advertisers like you to engage with visitors who clicked on your ad or visited your company site without completing any action.

If you have tried retargeting & have failed terribly here are some tips to get the plan right:

Facebook Pixel:
One of the most important parts of retargeting is implementing a custom audience code, which is basically a javascript code installed into your website. The initial process is to create a Facebook pixel in Ads Manager and then go to your website’s HTML and paste the code. The code includes a pixel ID, which is connected to your Facebook ads account. Despite the fact that your audience type would be different, you will require only one Custom Audience pixel to your entire website.

The primary objective doing this is to ascertain potential weak spot in your funnel & identify your target audience.

Audience segmentation:
Getting ready with your pixel code will help you track which existing customers have abandoned taking further action after clicking on the ad. Simply click on custom audience, create an audience type who you want to target based on statistic like visitors who have visited specific pages of your website. By choosing custom audience type, one can track for a minimum 30 days & maximum 180 days. When creating audience in ads manager, you can select look-a-like audiences. It is better to segment audiences based on priority like a person who was half way through should be given weight-age & thereafter they should be targeted using different creative & strong content strategy.

Look-a-like helps to get attention from similar type of people who have already clicked on your Facebook ad.

Ad copy:
Using creative ad copies for retargeting is one of the greatest ways to bring back your lost customers. They are already familiar about the information which you displayed in the earlier ad. With retargeting, you can educate or provide some more information regarding your product or field of interest. Make sure that the information used on the creative aligns with the body copy.

When dealing with display ads, tell them what’s new and what they have been missing all this while, which will drive them to make a purchase.

Split Testing or A/B Testing:
Test different versions of your ads to know what works best for your campaign. You can do this on the basis of three variables, including Target audience, Delivery optimization, Placements. When the test is over, you’ll receive a notification in Ads Manager and get an email with the results. Whether your objective is to grow traffic, lead generation, conversions, video views or reach, Facebook Split Testing is the key.

A/B testing would help you stop wasting time and money on users that won’t convert.

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How the rising use of video is changing social media?

If you have been quite active on social media, you must have come across Vlogs, live videos or product video ads. With each passing day, videos are becoming more and more prominent. Social media is constantly evolving. Even before we come to know a technique is trending, you never know another strategy may come into foundation. Compared to a plain text, nearly 90% of information is transmitted to the brain is visual. Of this, videos occupy a large proportion of interest from users. Another intriguing fact is one third of people spend their time on video marketing. Let’s get to know how video ads and live video formats are changing the scenario of social media.

Vlog Infographic
Videos in the form of ads:

A study indicates that people trust video ads as compared to other ad formats. Whether the ultimate objective of your business conversions, brand promotion or website clicks, video ads deliver lots of impressions if and only it is effective. A user would preferably watch a video about a product rather than read about it which can be proved by the fact that 69% of people have voted to watch product video.

Impact of live video feature:

Unlike only plain text ads, the impact of live videos in online marketing is more as it helps to interact with your audience in real-time, get qualified leads and influence behavior. Recently, the trend that is picking up on social media sites like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram is the rise of live videos. Facebook Live video streaming was rolled out in 2015 initially in the US. Whether it is meetings, speeches, behind-the-scenes of an event, several people are taking complete advantage of it to garner instant interest from the target audience.

For apps like Snapchat and Instagram, the stories section also allows users to begin a live video. It is no longer viewed as a casual feature, event marketers and businesses have been using the feature to increase engagement. The second benefit is users get quick broadcast of a video, which they can view in real-time & wouldn’t want to miss it.

Live video gives users an unedited view of an event. A sneak peek view of an event or a show creates an excitement among viewers, as it can help businesses to keep them interested in your content. Being live on Facebook or Instagram doesn’t mean you do not know what you’re going to say. It calls for rehearse beforehand as you do not want to make a major mistake in front of your viewers.


More video is expended on YouTube than some other interpersonal organization. More than 1 billion hours of video are observed day by day on YouTube in 88 nations in 76 dialects, as per YouTube’s measurements. YouTube is likewise the world’s second-biggest web index after its parent organization Google. YouTube has gigantic reach, however discovering individuals with such a significant number of different recordings competing for eyeballs is the precarious part. However, advertisers find overpowering accomplishment on YouTube. Out of the 85 percent of advertisers who have distributed video content on YouTube, an incredible 83 percent saw it as a viable methodology. We should take a gander at a couple of those organizations who are hitting the imprint. Here are the few tips which you can use while creating your video content:

  • Go Big in a Small Amount of Time
  • Attract your target audience using video.
  • Connect with your audience on a personal level


Individuals love Instagram. For some individuals, it’s an option in contrast to data over-burden. There’s an enchanting straightforwardness of looking at visual substance without perusing. Despite the fact that it’s not the greatest informal organization, a ton of clients like it the best. An ongoing Forbes article entitled “Why Instagram Is The Top Social Platform For Engagement” separated the system’s prosperity to its exceptionally visual nature and straightforwardness, which likewise works incredible on portable. The details on the system are great. There are 800 million month to month actives, 500 million day by day actives and 250 million day by day stories actives, as per Instagram organization information. Advertisers are adoring it, as well – 65% of video advertisers intend to remember it for their 2020 video promoting system

So how would you get the consideration of each one of those Instagram users?

Lessen words: Don’t make individuals read excessively. Instagram is a visual medium

  •  Think in minor departure from your topic: People will in general discover a topic and stick with it. Instagram accounts frequently have a general look and feel, at that point continue rehashing their subject in new manners.
  • Keep it straightforward: Don’t get excessively entangled, yet keep the execution delightful. Individuals look to Instagram for effortlessness and a much needed refresher. Give features, not all the directions.
  • Maintain center: Be resolute in your emphasis on one thought for your video.

“Individuals are in an outlook of being available to disclosure.” To saddle that, consider interests of clients makes compelling focusing on signals for advertisements. It’s a word of wisdom for making natural video too. We should take a gander at a case of how to do video on Instagram.

Regardless your company is a B2B or B2C, here are some tips to help you create a successful live broadcast:

  • A compelling title
  • Make sure that the audio is clear without any background noise
  • Test broadcast length & time when you will be getting maximum views
  • Share on other social media sites to garner attention
  • Remember to respond to your users

Live videos and video ads are here to stay! Is your business using a video format for advertising campaigns? Leave us a comment and let us know! If you have any query, our advertising agency based in Navi Mumbai will help you to create the best video ads for your product.

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