5 Brand Building Strategies for Your Website Design

Your website is the visual representation of your brand, hence a well-designed website is a necessary for brand building. It is significant that your website helps you acquire customers as well as retain the existing ones. Right from designing, typography, content to colour scheme, your site needs effuse the energy.

Let’s go through some statistics related to website design:
image (4)As Paul Rand has rightly said “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” Here are some ways to build your brand through website design:

Visual appeal:
When it comes to visual appeal, we would focus on colour palette and emotions.
A website’s colour allows your target audience to explore about a brand’s characteristics. Each colour stimulates an emotion, which varies from an individual to individual. It is necessary for a company to select a colour palette as per an industry. For example: Most hospitals go for green colour. This is because, it symbolizes calmness and good health.
Every brand’s website should evoke an emotion when a prospective client visits your website and entail a customer to get in touch with you. According to a research, people respond better to a brand which showcases emotion instead of technical information.

Responsive web design:
A responsive website design consists of three components – flexible media, layouts and queries. This is not just about enhancing user experience, but due excess usage of mobile. When a user experiences a better interface due to responsive websites, it leads to decrease  bounce rates and more conversions.

image (5)

Size and position of the logo:
When it comes to positioning of a logo on website, it is recommended to put in the upper left side as 88% of users   usually notice top left corner of a website. In addition, it was found that users are more likely to remember a brand whose logo is displayed on the top left corner of a website. As much as the placement of a logo, the size also plays an important role.

Social media icons:
Most companies consider placing social media icons at the bottom of the home page; however, it is best to position them at the top right corner. Avoid keeping it too small, make sure it is visible so that it compels users to visit your social media pages and attract more traffic.
image (6)
Would you like to share with us brand building strategies for website design? Share with us in the comments below. From logo designing to web designing, Futurescape Advertising is a leading advertising and digital marketing company based in Vashi. Get in touch now!

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What is Business Blogging and Benefits your brand can derive from it.

Last day in our school Whats app group, a guy knowing that I am into a writing job for some time now, put up a question, “What is business blogging? And how it benefits an organization?” Since the guy holding an important position is Wipro at present and definitely not an uneducated one, I realized that there can be many who are yet to understand and realize the importance of Business Blogging. So if you are one too who is interested in it, then this post is for you. Happy Reading!!


Benefits of blogging :-

We are sure that we all must agree and come to one driving point which is more website visitors, we are sure that we all are on the same page and need the same thing.

Now let us think about the ways to find people visiting your website.

There are many people who can directly type the name of your website on the browser, but these are your current audience who knows you already, they know what you do and who you are. More than that, you are already getting views from them! We are talking about new visitors, you can find different ways like buying an email list & make them aware about your website and get through it but then it is ILLEGAL & very expensive. Understand the day you will stop feeding money to them, your traffic will stop!

Let us think about how many pages are there on your website? Maybe a few but not too many, and how often do you update those pages. Not often we are sure. Now the tricks that others must be thinking might not be very helpful but blogging helps solve all those problems!

Each blog you write comes with a blog post, it is one of the more indexed pages on your website, this means it has more than one opportunity for you to show up in search engines and it will also help you drive traffic even with an organic search. We shall talk about more benefits about blogging on your SEO a bit later, but it is also one more cue to google and other search engines that the website is active and it should be checked frequently to see if there is any new content on the surface.

Blogging will also help you to come across social media. Whenever you write a blog, remember that you are making content that people will share on social media networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest. It will help you expose the business from a brand new audience whom you don’t know yet!

What is Business Blogging?

To begin with, blogs are short formats of content that are created for online posting. And in Business Blogging this content format is used in talking about your business and the areas related to it & publishing it in your website blog page. This practice increases your online visibility and at the same time speaks about your business creating awareness for your brand.


How is it different from regular blogs?

Business blogs are slightly different from the regular blogs. Regular blogs are the personal blogs that are created out of individuals’ interest in writing, telling a story or experiences. Also these blogs are salable in terms of advertisement spaces. Therefore regular blogs can be direct money generating machines. But Business Blogs are not meant to generate money directly but to market or promote your brand such that people avail your service or product in actual and contribute in the business profit. Also regular blogs may or may not stick to one line of subject but business blogs mandatory speak about the brand and subjects related to the brand.

How does business blogging benefits an organization?

Well, this is a separate topic in itself. And for better understanding, we will take up the topic in our next post. But here, let me give you an overview of it just to tickle your interest.

Apart from the already known fact that business blogging talks about your business and related subjects creating awareness for your brand and services, business blogging, technically, helps by adding numbers of pages in your website (in proper order) which in turn helps in higher ranking in search engines.

It also helps in social media promotion as the reader upon liking the post share it via social channels helping in promotion. And for this very attribute, you must sound good and logical in your blog posts and not just write anything to increase the number of pages.

Business blogging is definitely one of the factors for getting attention from your potential clients. Is your brand doing it right? If not, then get in touch with us. Futurescape Advertising is a Navi Mumbai-based advertising and digital marketing company, which offers the best online and offline marketing services.

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Facebook Live for business. Is your brand using it effectively?

image (1)
Of late, live video streaming on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter has become quite a popular thing among several users. For famous stars and daily users, Facebook Live has opened up a universe of opportunities; however, it has also caught the attention of the businesses.

There is a reason why marketers are going all excited about Facebook live? Because it is simply fun and fair and a way for them to use the power of video to communicate their stories of the brand, also it helps them to make a true relationship with the fan and followers during the real time.

To give you an example for this concept, Facebook Live has a very little time for nuances which marketers need to learn and if they want to get the most of this feature. This shall help them to understand the best tricks which can make a huge difference on how the people see you on broadcast. How they manage & how they perform.

In this following section of the blog we will take you through different ideas on using Facebook live.

If you have not experienced this stage of broadcasting live, below are some effective ways to go live on Facebook.

1. Using in an event of conducting a live Q&A session to celebrate a special day or to share your daily work routine with your followers, you can use Facebook live, as it is the best way to grow anticipation in between users and followers of facebook. It is a live streaming feature available for Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones and other mobile devices. It is important for you to have a strong internet connection Wifi or 4G to connect with your fan followers and target audience to use this feature during the occasion

2. Make sure that you don’t do it in an unmannered way, take your time to prepare. Also to boost curiosity among your audience you should make sure that you are informing your followers that you are going to go live on Facebook to show them what you want to, remember to be specific about date and time. A prior notice shall allow interested audience to tune in at the noted time.

Going live shouldn’t be done in haste, prior preparation matters. To boost curiosity among users, make sure your brand publishes a post a day before which conveys consumers that you will be broadcasting live at a specific time and day. A prior notice allows interested audiences to tune in at the noted time.

3. A catchy description will determine if the audience is interested in watching the live streaming. So, put on your SEO hat and write a title/description in a language which common users would search for. When a user logs in on Facebook, a notification will be sent out from your brand’s official page to the user. Once you’re done adding the description, you can go live by clicking on the Grey icon. (see below the zoomed icon)




4. It is recommended that you stay live for a maximum 10 minutes; however, the social site allows you to continue broadcasting up to 90 minutes at a stretch. Be personal and don’t forget to introduce you/your team. Let the audience know about your agenda once you start the video. Live video gives you an opportunity to interact with your audience in real time, so make sure you’re responding to comments/feedback. You’ll be able to see how many viewers you have at any time.

5. Once you’re sure to wrap up, end the video on a closing note by thanking users for tuning or committing to them that you will soon be live again. Stop the video only after you hear “ping” which indicates that your broadcast has ended.

image (3)

6. Now, one of the new features of Facebook Live is you can monitor the reach and engagement. You will receive a detailed result, which will show you how many people tuned in to your video, comments/share/reactions received, people reached, 10-sec views, unique viewers & more.


What do you think how Facebook Live video will be beneficial for your business? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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