Thinking about improving business networking? Check out 4 ways to get it right


For any business to build wealth and seize opportunities, professional networking is considered as one of the influential factors. Several successful entrepreneurs and small businesses realize the incredible importance of networking.

Here is one of the quotes on networking by Bob Burg, Best-selling Author of Endless Referrals and The Go Giver.

“I like to define networking as cultivating mutually beneficial, give-and-take, win-win relationships. The end result may be to develop a large and diverse group of people who will gladly and continually refer a lot of business to us, while we do the same for them.”

Whether it is more business referrals, connections or opportunities, networking gives your company a confidence boost and creates a positive image of your brand. And, creating business networks is not limited to select industries, it encompasses all kinds of businesses. If your business is looking forward to improve the chain of networking, check our  four meaningful ways to get it right.

Industry-related organizations:

There are a number of referral organizations specializing in select industry type. When you are a part of such organization, word-of-mouth advertising is more important as you connect with more people from the genre, which is similar to the kind of services offered by your company. Joining organizations like this builds brand trust among participants and boosts your knowledge.

Join Groups on Linkedin:

You may have heard about the LinkedIn Groups, but do you know that there are2.1 million discussion groups, which could establish you as an expert as well as generate business opportunities? It is a place where business people discuss on relevant industry topics, share information and business practices rather than self-promotion.

Local media:

Establishing contacts with local media is also an essential element in business networking. When your business wants to share new updates, the media will help promote your story on a large scale. This will also help your brand to know which competitors are taking interest in your news update and your brand name may also become familiar.


When it comes capturing leads, growing sales and earning additional revenue, business webinars are the best. Joining a webinar session, you get to virtually meet people who are from the similar industry and these sessions give you a chance to exhibit your expertise along with your brand. Nearly 59% of businesses and marketers are using virtual events for B2B marketing, according to Content Marketing Institute ( It is becoming a valuable source for expanding business networks.

When you’ve decided to build a business network, make sure you are aware of your business goals and how you can leverage connections to gain fresh leads and promoting your brand. If you don’t have one, how can you forge ahead in a competitive business scenario?

Therefore, networking is necessary. What are your thoughts? Mention in the comment section below.

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That Any Business Shouldn't Miss (3)

It’s time to overhaul your Facebook Strategy! Here are major updates you should watch out for

The rise of various social media platforms have witnessed a series of changes. In this post, let’s explore what updates Facebook has come up within the last three months. Right from introducing creator tool, a marketplace to explore feed, the social networking platform has implemented the features that will let your business to grow and expand your knowledge of ad services.

With organizations ordinarily utilizing Facebook on various occasions a day to impart updates to their crowds, in any case, it very well may be simple for web-based social networking supervisors to get settled with their posting schedules and neglect a considerable lot of the informal organization’s less-discussed highlights.

Check out some of the latest Facebook updates, you shouldn’t miss:


Facebook acquainted calls-with activity (CTA) for Pages in Dec. 2014, empowering heads to drive business destinations by remembering a CTA for the spread photograph area of their Page. Administrators are provoked to make a CTA when visiting their Page (see picture), and can browse a gathering of seven activities, including “Shop Now,” “Join,” “Book Now,” “Get in touch with Us,” “Use App,” “Play Game” and “Watch Video.”


As more and more people are buying and selling goods on social media, the social media marvel has launched this feature. After successfully rolling out the Marketplace feature in 25 countries including the US, Facebook has launched the update on the app in India allowing buying and selling of used goods. The marketplace is considered similar to apps like Quikr or OLX.
In its research, Facebook found that over 550 million people visit the site on a regular basis to buy and sell goods, accounting for a quarter of its 2 billion active monthly users.


facebook-question-browsersAfter introducing polling features to Instagram stories, this feature has been extended on Facebook letting users set up votable questions wherein you have the option of using photos or GIFs as answers. It is a great way to express a specific opinion, instead, you think about what to comment on. The fact is the answers will record and visible to all, and not just to the poll creator

Creator Tool:
default-shareTo help video creators to create great videos, Facebook has launched Facebook Creator tool. This tool will help the community to make shoot videos with added features and personalize it with custom live stickers. Facebook Creator tool is available for the iOS platform and it is expected to launch for Android in the coming months.

Targeting Options:

Facebook has temporarily removed the two most prominent targeting options such as education and work to fight discriminatory advertising. The options will be added once the right processes are in place. This has caused a short-term difficulty in choosing an audience for ad campaigns created by B2B Facebook advertisers. Limiting the targeting audience means less desirable results.

Schedule Posts: 

Numerous online networking administrators use devices like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to share their business’ social updates. In doing as such, they can plan posts ahead of time so as to spare time and be increasingly proficient. What a few people overlook, be that as it may, is that they additionally can plan and antedate posts straightforwardly on Facebook. Rather than choosing “Post” in the wake of making an announcement, administrators just need to tap the bolt by the “Post” CTA to see a dropdown menu (see picture) that gives clients the alternative to plan a post, predate a post or spare a draft of the post. Online life directors may think that it’s progressively successful to post legitimately on Facebook in light of the fact that they have more post-altering choices (like how a picture will show up and what post depiction is incorporated).

Event App:

Administrators can add applications to their Pages, including the occasion application. The occasion application is especially helpful for organizations attempting to drive pedestrian activity to their stores or to an occasion they are facilitating in the network. Administrators can add the occasion application to their Page by visiting the “Applications” tab under the “Settings” menu. From that point, the administrator should choose the “Include App” CTA alongside the occasion application alternative. Once added to the Page, administrators can make an occasion by rounding out an occasion structure (see picture), which incorporates subtleties like occasion name, area, date, class, ticket URL and crowd focusing on alternatives. It is additionally critical to take note of that administrators can all the more conspicuously highlight their occasions by including the application on the menu bar legitimately underneath their Page’s spread photograph. This should be possible by tapping the “More” choice on the menu and picking “Oversee Tabs.”

Explore Feed:

Facebook has rolled out an alternative a feature similar to News Feed” called as “Explore Feed” wherein users can know the latest updates about the pages you have liked or similar kind of pages that match your preferences. As of now, the feature is available for both mobile and desktop users.

Do you know any updates that you would like to share with us? Mention in the comment below.

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Why printed brochure advertising is the best option for your business?

Be it a real estate, a retail, a restaurant or a charitable organization, company brochures are the most effective marketing communication that presents your brand in its best light and the first point of contact to engage with prospects. Though digital marketing has overtaken the print segment, but some clients still swear by the effectiveness of print brochures as it can be designed in many ways to entice target audience.

There is a myth that people value digital communication more; however, the fact even today consumers value paper-based communications. The reasons for getting a brochure designed and printed is vital for your brand as well as for business sales growth. In this digital age where it is becoming difficult for businesses to predict what exactly customers want, we give you 4 reasons why brochure advertising is also the best option for your business.

Extension of your marketing efforts:

When it comes to giving an overview of your brand and products/services, a brochure helps you to incorporate all information as per the design parameters. It is basically an extension of your marketing efforts letting you to portray in-depth detail of your brand in a convincing voice, which compels a customer contact your business. This is a tried and tested formula to convert leads into customers.

Low-cost & easy handouts:

If your brand is on a tight budget, marketing brochures make up for a cost-effective option when ordered in bulk. Compared to online marketing options, brochure advertising is an affordable option that helps you to communicate effectively with potential customers and experience quick turnarounds. The results from online sources are unpredictable, but brochures can help you tap clients without any hassles.

Stand out from the clutter:

A well-designed brochure lets your brand to have an edge over competitors. It gives you an opportunity to establish your business authority and a proof to your credibility. Remember, clients expect printed marketing collateral from a serious business.

Trusted brand:

A business relationship requires a great trust from clients and this is what a brochure aims to accomplish. It showcases your brand as a trusted entity. When creating a trusted image of your brand, a brochure is required by some companies where products offered require real trust of the new customers before a sale can be contemplated. Unlike digital media messages that demand an immediate call to action, a brochure does not contain a call to action.

Your brand may be using any form of advertising, it is significant that it accomplishes your brand’s marketing goal and gives an edge from the rest. Business should carefully think about the value of brochures before investing in it. Brilliantly designed brochures can be produced easily at cost-effective rates. Is your company looking to create brochure?

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The art of customer retention: What factors influence customer loyalty?


Finding a sales lead, negotiations, due diligence and closing a deal – all this process isn’t a new thing for sales professionals and those in client servicing. It takes around 4 to 6 months to seal a deal. Whether you’re approaching an enterprise or a retail client, closing a conversation always causes stress. We always hear that bringing new business sales is tougher than retaining an existing client.

According to studies, it’s up to 7 times more costly to attract a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer. So, what are the factors that influence customer loyalty:


Engage your customer: 

Interfacing with your clients encourages you to make a feeling of having a place and network. Offer your fresh out of the plastic new’s an energizing improvement, or news and feelings in your space, to get your clients energetic and locked in.

You can utilize online networking to illuminate clients regarding new patterns, exceptional arrangements and limits, and the subsequent stages for your organization. The more it feels like a discussion, the better.

In the event that you urge your clients to turn into your image’s fans and cause them to feel engaged with your organization, they’re bound to have positive affiliations. Also, connected with clients are upbeat, steadfast clients.

Client dedication is eventually about connecting, supporting and holding the clients who truly make your business.

Put resources into an eye-catching logo structure:

Hues speak to your image’s character and give a visual articulation to the inclination, temperament or job your image is attempting to summon.

Considering that, try to pick your shading palette well. The shading red, for instance, utilized in Youtube’s logo, causes watchers to feel dynamic, enthusiastic and energetic about the brand…

Making a typical shading palette will join the substance you put out and make some brand acknowledgment once you’ve been advancing it reliably. The plan of a brand’s logo has gotten so imperative to brands who need to shape an association with their clients that top organizations, for example, Pepsi have spent an astounding $1 million on their new logo while BBC dished out $1.8 million for their new logo.


Great products:

A great product which you keep innovating with new features will always help to increase customer loyalty. For example iPhone Whenever Apple rolls out a new version of iPhone, it comes with a slew of new features – both technological and software. It basically focuses on areas that adds value and allows loyal customers to renew, upgrade and never leave. Satisfied customers become a campaigner for your brand, which in turn advocates your business.


Customer Service:

Did you know that 68% of customers leave because they are unhappy with the service they receive. (source: That’s why for any business, proactive customer service is important as it is a step ahead in building customer loyalty. It’s a great way to delight them.



Want to encourage repeat business? Rewarding customers for their loyalty will make them more likely to engage with your brand. A loyal customer will always be happy to receive rewards from their favourite merchants. The rewards can be given via social, an emailed coupon or a mobile app.


Online Content:

Social media is a great way to keep existing and potential customers updated on a regular basis. This allows customers to explore new facets of your brand, products/services, values or any other offers. Promoting them on social media is the key. This keeps existing customers interested in your products.


Create awareness about your brand using social media influencers:

One of the manners in which brands can construct devotion is by having superstars advance their item or administration. In any case, with regards to promoting your commitment with your clients and building your image’s dedication, going to influencers via web-based networking media channels might be a more secure wager,

Influencers will need to have a cozy relationship with your image, get insider data on what’s coming up, and an opportunity to impact your item advancement. Stages like HYPR permit brands to distinguish influencers who are in contact with their careful crowd socioeconomics and connect with them.


Personalized emails:

Though social media has taken over the traditional marketing thing, email marketing is still considered as a great way to stay in touch with existing customers. Sending regular emails helps them to reconnect with your business.

A trusted relationship with your customers ensures that your brand taps new prospects recommended by your current clients, hence opening increasing the chances of growing customer base and capturing sales.

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Finding a sales lead, negotiations, due diligence and closing a deal – all this process isn’t a new thing for sales professionals and those in client servicing. It takes around 4 to 6 months to seal a deal. Whether you’re approaching an enterprise or a retail client, closing a conversation always causes stress. We always hear that bringing new business sales is tougher than retaining an existing client.

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