Important LinkedIn features your business should know

When it comes to business-to-business marketing, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best social media platform that helps you connect with professionals. For B2B companies, the social channel presents several opportunities and features to connect with prospective customers At today’s date, LinkedIn has over 575+ million users, with more than 260 million monthly active users.

After acquisition of the platform by Microsoft, the social media has witnessed changes and the intriguing thing is it is not plagued by fake accounts. It introduced a series of features which would help your company to garner interest from prospects.

Here are the newest features your business should know:

The amount of views on your profile:

One feature of them all has been an extremely popular feature on LinkedIn, but then this feature gives you more information than just who has viewed your profile. There has been a new update on “Who’s viewed your profile”. You can now find out which were the keywords used and led people to take a look at your company page so that they can learn your details. Also you get to know the one who is searching you is working currently in which company, which industry and much more. There are many chances that you will come across potential contact among your viewers. You will have some reasons to identify the common things in between the person who has searched you and his commonalities.

Also, LinkedIn gives you personalised tips on “Who’s viewed your profile” which suggests you professional contacts and groups to join so that you complete your profile. Such added tools would improve your company’s profile and brand image.

LinkedIn video

The business networking site now allows users to upload native videos directly through the app. Click on the share box icon, which lets you record a video in the app or upload a recorded video. Videos are a great way to let prospects know your brand is authentic & it is easy to trust, thus getting more followers.

How you’re connected

It is a very old yet very few users and organisation are aware of this feature, and very less of them knows it. This one specific feature can help users find people who are not directly connected with you but you may join each other with someones or some company’s contact which they don’t know yet.. This tool will show you which of your contacts has linked to that specific person or business, and more importantly, how they are connected with this feature. You can avoid cold calling a new contact because you know that you might end up getting some or the other benefit which has a shared interest, insight or a contact.


This tool is used to start a conversation or to share information with the users by your network. By using the name of a connection & reference of a company in the status update or comment section, that particular company or organisation would receive an alert saying whoever has been mentioning you. Such mentions can spark and ignite conversation with your unknown network and also allow you and the person/company to correspond in real time.

Group’s you may like

LinkedIn has been revolutionarily growing and with their constant growth, they have come across many features and their updates to provide the convenience and best level service. With Groups and its fundamental uses, there are an endless number of ways to find potential connections and engage in active discussions. By joining such groups that are relevant to your industry, groups that are highlighted under “Groups you may like ” or even joining corporate sponsored groups. By doing so there are huge chances that you may end up expanding your network and group of connections. As per the social media experts, you should get involved in the groups-industry groups, subject matters you are interested in and especially where your prospects are hanging out. Being in groups where prospects hang out, that’s where you are meant to be.

Publishing drafts:

LinkedIn allows you to showcase your expertise by letting you publish articles through an integrated platform, Pulse, which is an online content aggregation feed which is an open ended source so that members can publish their own informative content to engage the audience.
Chat Messaging:

In the LinkedIn messaging, artificial intelligence features have been activated to ensure smart replies. This saves your time from busy schedules and ensures quick responses.
Sales Navigator:


This is a paid feature, which gives your business an advantage to discover the right people, organize leads, expand the list of who’s viewed your profile, automatically save the leads and accounts you are selling and engage with prospects. By using a sales navigator, leaders have seen 45% more opportunities.


LinkedIn as a social business networking platform can give you connections that can help you get more prospects, exposure to your brand and other opportunities for growing your business.

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6 Myths Associated With Email Marketing


There are millions of emails sent everyday, but only few get opened & get clicked. Email click through rates is the biggest challenge faced by marketers. As per some experts, an email CTR which is more than 10% is said to be good, however; very few mails achieve the benchmark as many factors – opt-in, subject line, preview text & others determine its success rate.

There is a common myth that the trend of sending marketing mails is dead, however; it is still preferred as the best way to tap new prospects. It’s time to debunk six myths associated with email marketing.

1 2 3 4 5 6


The 6 myths listed above demonstrate that you need to have a right strategy in place to get the most benefit from your marketing efforts. Whether you’re sending one email per month or week, it should be a lead generator. Every business is distinctive and there can’t be one right way of doing email marketing. It is based on right message, right timing, past successes and your audience.

Are there any email marketing myths you would like to share with us? Mention in the comments below.

Is marketing mail a priority for your business and are you looking for an agency to help you out with it? We will do it for you. Futurescape Advertising is one of the leading online marketing companies based in Navi Mumbai.

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What is content marketing & what benefits your brand can derive from it?

Creating content and marketing it is the backbone of communications. You will find a variety of content on the Internet these days & it doesn’t remain constrained to just blogs & editorial strategies. Businesses who are actively marketing online consider content marketing a vital thing to develop an always-on relationship with customers. It is a marketing approach that relies on digital marketing strategies that includes SEO, social media, email and paid marketing campaigns.


Maybe one of the greatest benefits of content marketing is that it can help you get more conversation in a short span of time, as per the research the companies who have been consistently creating marketing content have experienced conversion rates which are nearly 6 times higher than their competitors who don’t concentrate on content marketing. This is a result that effective content marketing requires a good amount of time, money and resources to make it successful. It is usually known to pay off it all by giving more conversions and give you more business.

Good content can bring traffic to the website

Publishing good and consistent blog posts which are engaging and effective will help you bring you more traffic to your website over the time. In Fact according to HubSpot, companies which are known to post more than 16 blogs per month have got almost 3.5 times more traffic than the ones who only publishes 4 or less posts. If you want good conversions and traffic in your website, it is important to publish good quality blogs and content to get consistent and often scheduled traffic.

Use content to educate your customers

Your customers may have a problem which only your brand can solve, there is no better way to educate them about the challenges and solutions you can provide them by giving an engaging content. Make sure to develop content topics which are useful and informative for all your customers. It can also understand their problems and all the steps that they need to take to keep up with the customers and their brand.

What is content marketing?

It is a way of sharing valuable and relevant information by a brand that will help to drive profitable customer action. Does your business derive lucrative benefits from content marketing? How is it different from the usual marketing tactics to sell your products? We have the answer.

Lead generation:

Marketing your brand’s quality content is the best idea to attract prospective customers and sales leads. When it is optimized across a range of customer touch points, you’ll see the opportunities all around you. One more thing you need to remember that currently there are more mobile-friendly users, hence producing mobile-friendly content is one thing you should keep in mind. Every business focus on sales leads to survive & content marketing is definitely the best way to reach them.

Brand Awareness:

Content marketing enables you to create awareness about your brand. For example: Social media posts on brand promotion is a way of allowing prospective customers to know more about your brand & to address their pain points. The information should be presented that establishes you as a thought-leader in your industry. There is a perception among readers that when a brand shares information about their products or things they value, it creates a lasting impression in their mind.

SEO Optimization:

SEO optimization largely relies on content to help a website get traffic, convert visitors and generate engagement. Even Google regards that content is one of the top three factors in organic search. Several businesses that have good content, which accomplishes two objectives – creating interest among prospective customers and addressing a particular issue. When there is great content, you are able to build back-links for brand promotion and get more readers.

Content sharing by visitors:

More and more users are considering social media to express or tweet about little things. If your content is presented in a unique way, visitors will certainly think of sharing it other users. Social media is quickly catching up with Google and other search engines as the best way for content to reach consumers.

In today’s age, consumers rely heavily on brands that distribute kick-ass information. Consumers are constantly on social media looking out for powerful content and if you’re not writing the content that matters to users, then you should definitely start one.

Are you looking for content marketing services? Futurescape Advertising is one of the leading advertising and online marketing companies based in Navi Mumbai.

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Landing Page

Strategies For Landing Page That Converts

6 Strategies For Landing Page That Converts(1)

When we talk about landing page, it is basically a standalone web-page that is specifically created to capture leads. If a landing page is effective, it is bound to attract and convert a prospect. Is your webpage effective? A well-designed page is one that boosts the engagement rate, has minimal and only crucial information, free of distractions and visitors are enticed to fill the form.

You will surprised to know that companies with 30 or more landing pages generate 7x more leads than those with fewer than 10, according to HubSpot. (

If you are looking to design a landing webpage, we have listed out strategies for an ideal and transactional landing page:

Avoid Distractions:

While designing, make sure your objective is to keep it simple and minimalist. Inserting too much design element will create a cluttered look, which would not intrigue visitors to go further.

Convincing & conversational tone:

Copy should be such that it looks as if its speaking to a 10 year old, by saying this we don’t mean that your audience is stupid, all we are trying to say that its just the span of attention the user may not have while reading your content. Hence it should be so easy and easy to read that they don’t have to use too much of their brains to understand.
The people who have financial issues will be wondering where their money went, you will have to keep the conversation in such a way.

Using simple structure:

Short, simple and friendly, these are the keys which we have to keep in mind before writing any content to communicate, by using a simple structure there are endless benefits as compared to using an english and language which is hard to decode.

Write an attractive headline:

The headline is supposed to be the most important element of your landing page of the website, It is the veryy first thing that will attract the user’s attention and if written well, it can also make your visitors stay. If not able to do so, there are huge chances that the visitor may exit the page to an instant.

Best way to create a headline that makes a great first impression:

Make it solid: When you are writing a headline for the landing page, it is important to note and make sure that the copy is clear and doesn’t leave anybody in confusion. It should be able to connect with the visitors as soon as they hit the page open and get their eyes on it.

Be sure its specific:

There is a possibility that the visitor can reach you to your landing page via a campaign, and for that your advertisement copy should have a role to play in getting this click through.

But if your headline and copy are opposites and may not be able to do the justice in relating to each other, just for an example if the copy says Free Demo – and your landing page doesn’t show it up ahead, what kind of impression would it make?
Eventually a visitor would get confused and think that the page is not what he or she came for.

Write promising words:

Would you be able to provide results to the visitors? Do you think you have a solution to their issues? If yes then let them know about all this clearly, that you and your business has the ability and capacity to give them solutions for your issues.

The end goal for all this is to understand and talk about what your visitors must be interested in. And not only about what you have developed. Emphasize on what all you offer them and how it would benefit them to make a great first impression to your users.

Lead Capture Form:

These should include only limited fields such as name, contact no and email. When only basic fields are inserted, it will be much easier for a marketer to nurture prospective leads. A form which has more than four questions in the form will cause friction, resulting in a bad user experience.

Reduce navigation:

Avoid using navigational tabs on the landing page as users may leave the page, therefore leading to less conversions. According to HubSpot, they saw a 28% rise in conversions when they eliminated social media links, header and footer navigation.


It is vital that landing pages should have a relevant call-to-action like “know more”, “learn more” or any other phrase that suits your product or service. A powerful call-to-action on an online ad and the webpage will compel visitors to purchase your product.


Some landing pages incorporate testimonials or customer experience, which gets your brand a step closer in tapping relevant leads. When prospects come across recommendations from former customers, it influences their purchase decisions. Positive customer experiences certainly create an impact on visitors as they are at ease to know that they are in for a right purchase agreement.

Conversational Text:

When it comes to content for the landing page, it should be sales-oriented that makes visitors interested and where they feel valued. This happens when the text is written in an interactive tone. For interacting with prospective clients, you can also use a live chat option to increase conversions.

To keep visitors on landing for a long time is definitely difficult, but when you design it by keeping these strategies in mind, you will surely experience positive results. Do you want designs that add value to your brand? Get in touch with us.

Futurescape Advertising is one of the leading advertising and online marketing companies based in Navi Mumbai.

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Why you should hire a professional SEO company for your brand promotion?


SEO-SMOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for online marketing. Right from small to large businesses, SEO has become an important parameter to get website visitors and, thereby, generate business organically. When it comes to results, you need to have patience as SEO is something that is governed by Google algorithms. Hence, if you think your team is quite proficient with white hat SEO practices, then doing it in-house is a good idea. Rather, the best idea is to hire an SEO professional or agency.

Growing up, brands used to make the TV and radio broadcast their main go-to places for promoting. Those stations that offered national system programs filled in as the best stages. Firms and brands that remained decorated in our brains from adolescence to grown-up age were the ones that surfaced with vital jingles or smart jokes that turned into a piece of our way of life as we sat on the lounge chair watching sitcoms with our folks or sat in the rear of the minivan bopping to the radio. Quick forward to the present day and the quantity of kids that unwind in the living room with their folks to appreciate TV and radio projects has definitely diminished. Rather, children will resign into their rooms and cover themselves in their cell phones, perusing through sites and interfacing through internet-based life.

While conventional communication TV is as yet a reasonable type of publicizing, it has gotten so serious and costly as to be distant for everything except the greatest brands. Simultaneously, the cultural change to cell phones and the ever-developing Google culture has opened up an immense new ocean of customer obtaining channels: web crawlers.

Here are some reasons to hire one:

SEO professionals would know the rules and algorithms better as opposed to providing training to your team in-house. Do you know that it consists of two elements – On-page and Off-Page? An expert can educate you on the reason behind implementing a particular strategy.

Measuring the results of SEO implementation can become a daunting task. When you agree to work with a specialized firm, you will get detailed reporting and graphic representation related to its tasks. It depends on your organization, whether you need weekly or monthly reports that are done through analytics and rankings.

Working together with an SEO firm will result in innovative and fresh ideas. Combining the experience of the professional, your team can brainstorm on what strategies to use and how to use them lucratively for the best results. The agency will also suggest you to go for paid promotions as compared to organic techniques. Organic strategies take time in bringing out positive results, however; there are very few free tools that allow your website to gain back-links.
Fix Up Website and Ranking Factors

Get an itemized Website Analysis here.

Presently, there are loads of practices that when you actualize them on your site, your SEO results will be imperiled. You may not know these and may wind up having your SEO results battling against you, in any event, when you think you are taking care of business. The profitability of the site you love could be hampered by things like burden time, the size of the pictures, and dangerous backlinks.

These components can add to poor rankings and low changes. Be that as it may, when you employ an expert SEO organization, they will investigate every one of these zones and guarantee that they are helping, as opposed to hampering the outcomes you look for. You will have these rectifications nearby when you procure an SEO firm. Some may even come in and conclude that you will require updating, including another site.

Site improvement isn’t just about creating content and tossing it into sites. There are rehearses, systems, decisions and techniques that must be followed to accomplish the best outcomes. When these are performed appropriately, clients will see your image name and site on the principal pages of the web indexes, and more deals will start coming in.
Issues related to IT can get resolved quickly. A professional online marketing company will make sure that there are no glitches and if any error arises they can address it immediately. Working with an SEO company can definitely help you to achieve great results, however; it can differ depending on the working mentality.

To gain relevant website traffic, we strongly recommend every business to hire an SEO agency that can help to make a connection between business and the audience. If your company doesn’t have the resources to hire an agency, then their options of hiring a consultant.

Is your company looking for an SEO company in Navi Mumbai? Futurescape Advertising is one of the leading advertising and online marketing companies based in Navi Mumbai.

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