Types of Google Adwords Your Brand can Set up for Generating Quality Leads

Google Adwords has been in presence since the year 2000 and over the years it has evolved to include many features & campaign types. According to Wishpond, nearly 95% of Google’s revenue is generated from advertising. Whenever you search on Google, you will come across text ads or visual ads on sites that are ad-driven. Depending on the campaign type, a brand can derive their respective goal or objective. When it comes to building a sales funnel, Google offers distinct Adwords types allowing users to choose their own budgets & generate measurable leads and sales.


Google is a lot strict when it comes to approving landing pages, so if your landing page isn’t up to the mark it will disapprove of your ads, and if you keep on repeating the same mistakes it will eventually ban it. Generating leads from google ad words can seem a little tricky but if done properly the returns are far better. In this blog, we will discuss that only- How you can get quality leads using Google Adwords.


The simplest lead generation strategy is through Google Adwords can be done through keyword targeting. You need to figure out which keywords are searched for the highest number of times and create an ad based on that.


Identify Relevant Keywords


You need to identify relevant keywords- To identify you can use tools like Google Keywords Planner, Google search keywords tool through AdWords, and Google Trends to see which keywords are popular.

If you’re concerned about price, Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends are free to use.


Campaign type 1: Search Network Only


This type of Adwords campaign appears on Google search and on other sites that are ads driven. It helps you to target keywords that are searched by visitors and accordingly your ad reflects on the search engine or that particular site. When you advertise here, your ad will be shown next to search results when someone looks for results using phrases, which are related to your keywords.

Search ads-01
Campaign type 2: Display Network Ads

There are many sites which promote sponsored ads that focus only on visuals. Display campaigns are purely visual banner ads that appear on a wide network of sites. It is also used as a tactic for remarketing. Remarketing is highly successful since people have shown real interest in the product or brand you are offering. When you search on Google for any product or service which you want to buy and visit a particular site to buy that thing and leave the site without taking any action, it will show you the same product on any other site which is ad-driven.

Display ads-01
Campaign type 3: Search Network with Display Select

Research reveals that more than 63,000 searches across the world are done on Google search engine. Search Network with Display Select is a new campaign type on Google AdWords where you in effect combine your Search and Display campaigns into one. When it comes to advertising on Google search results, this type of campaign gives your brand a large visibility with the help of targeted keywords. As an advertiser, you can set up several ad groups within the campaign that focus on different categories of the keyword.

Search display ads
Campaign type 4: Shopping Ads or Product list ads

In case you are a retailer or running an e-commerce site, you can create shopping ad campaigns to promote your online inventory. The ad usually consists of a photo of a product, a title, price and store name. This basically helps to drive relevant traffic to your site and generate better quality sales leads.

Shopping ads-01
Campaign type 5: Video Ads

Video ads sparked interest among advertisers when Google acquired YouTube in 2006. These types of ads appear on YouTube and other sites that promote video advertisements. They are set up in different ad formats. Below is one of the video ads, which I found on the Hindustan Times.

Video ads sparked interest among advertisers when Google acquired YouTube in 2006. These types of ads appear on YouTube and other sites that promote video advertisements. They are set up in different ad formats. YouTube video ads present a great opportunity for marketers and small business owners. Would you like to know how video ads can be beneficial for your business, stay tuned to our next blog?

Video ads-01
Adwords campaign type 6: Universal App ads

If you’re looking to promote on mobile devices, then Universal App Ads is one such campaign which helps you to set up ads for iOS or Android apps. As a marketer, you can create an ad by adding text, image, and the required bid. According to Google, UAC delivers over 50% of all app downloads.

Universal Ads-01


Universal Ads-01

Advertising online about your product or brand is one of the pervasive ways to get people talking about your business. If you’d like to develop a deeper understanding of digital channels or Google advertising or want to set up a brand campaign strategically, you have reached the right place.

Futurescape Advertising has a vast experience in creating ad campaigns that capture audience’s attention. Contact us to find out more about our Adwords campaign capabilities.

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6 Ways Post To Engage More Followers On Instagram For Business

6 Ways To Engage More Followers On Instagram For Business

Your success on Instagram completely depends on what you post on your business profile. A statistic shows that around 86% of top brands have Instagram accounts, which has grown from 71% from the last year. Today, visual content is majorly liked by the audience and it fetches sales leads. Many marketers are setting up sponsored ads as revenue from ads is expected to reach almost $7 billion this year, suggests a marketing data from Statista.

Is your brand using Instagram target, engage and sell to your customers?

During its launch Instagram gave its first impression as an app for kids and look at its fan following now, it has become a serious content marketing, selling, networking and audience collecting tool for personalities and brands.

It is said to be one of the most popular an most used social networking sites on this planet with more than  200 million active members sharing around 60 million images and 1.6 billion likes per day!

Such is the power of Instagram, Amazing isn’t it? Engagement rates for brands on most social media networks is less than 0.1%, but instagram can stand tall to compete. The average count of instagram engagement for brands is 2014 forester study was an epic 58times higher than facebook.

With numbers like that, businesses on social media can achieve the heights of their business, and as we come across all the trends of marketing, we are sure that you don’t want to be average and go ahead and catch that dream of spreading the word of your business.

It sounds so great that Instagram can give you 58 times greater engagement than facebook compared, whether you are a big brand or just hoping to become an instagram hero.

Go through these amazing ways to attract attention and attain engagement for your social media strategy. These will help you get ideas to see more and see what to post on instagram and will also get you more followers which will help you gain visibility and engagement too!

Product Photos:

For retailers, adding product-centric photos is one of the best ideas as your followers will get to know what are the current product launches. They would be keen to splurge on your product when it is presented in a creative way. According to one study, 93% of buying decisions are based on visual appearance.

Employee engagement:

Add team/ fun photos of festivals or events that take place at your workplace. Today, user-generated content is one of the most powerful content sources for social media. Grow your engagement and attract prospective employees who would love to join your organization. This is a great way to get people interested and hyped.

Highlight social causes:

If you’re involved in any CSR activity, it is best to post them on Instagram. Followers will always like to follow brands that highly care about the environment, people or any philanthropic initiative that makes society better. So, the next time you contribute for any social cause, make sure you spread the word using Instagram.

Instagram Stories:

Want to engage better with your followers? Adding insta stories is a great way to let them know what happens behind the scenes. The ‘stories’ section has also got several options like video filmed backwards, animated gifs, filters or live video to make it more intriguing.

Set up contests or promotional offers:

Promotional posts like contests or offers are always a breather as compared to common posts that cover your brand, product or employee engagement. This will not only help to generate engagement but also help you grow followers.

Throwbacks Photos:

It is always a delight to reminisce on good old memories. If you been associated with the brand for quite a long time, you can think of posting early versions of your products. One such brand that has been using this theme very well is BMW. It posts photos of its classic four wheeler models.

Whether it is memes, employee/ customer videos or inspirational quote, Instagram is one creative space where you can win customers. We hope these six-post ideas will help you get your creative juices flowing. All you need to do is experiment with creative content.


Do you know digital marketing fetches you better business results better than traditional marketing? We know how to make it possible. Futurescape Advertising is one of the best advertising agencies based in Navi Mumbai. For digital or print enquiries, get in touch with us today.

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Advanced SEO Techniques For Effective Optimization

Businesses are becoming more aware of the presence of search engines as more and more customers are using the internet to search or buy products/services. Simply having a website is not enough, while maintaining an active presence is of utmost importance. Optimizing a website based on basic SEO techniques like blog commenting or back-linking has become obsolete and they may even hurt your website’s rankings. Let’s take a look at some of the advanced tactics to improve your current page ranking on search engine results.

1 revised FS image


The techniques of Search Engine Optimization enable your website to be rank high on google. In the absence of SEO, it won’t be difficult for businesses to manipulate search results and rank their website online.  The search results are fair because of SEO, it drastically minimizes the exploitation of search results. This allows deserving websites to be ranked in the search results.

How SEO benefits your website and business? 

SEO supports your business in creating a fast, powerful, and user-friendly website that ranks higher in search engine results. You can engage potential customers and improve your conversion rates through your SEO optimized website.

As you optimize your website for search engines, it creates or improves your brand awareness, this makes people trust your brand or business more. More than 57% or of B2B marketers agree to, that SEO helps them in generating more leads than any other marketing technique.

So why not you invest in SEO and measure the results yourself. Below are a few key benefits of SEO for businesses of all types.

  • Better User Experience
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Improves conversion rate
  • Keep up with your competition or outpace them

Let’s talk about some SEO techniques: 

Over the last few years, SEO is more than just using a number of keywords, spamming links, and many more. Google has omitted out a lot of practices that were only designed to manipulate search results.

To make sure SEO is functioning in a better way, Google keeps on improvising its algorithms.

Your online businesses must be sure to keep up with the latest algorithms of Search engines and constantly update their SEO techniques with time.

Let’s get started with some advanced SEO techniques which we can adapt: 

Switch to mobile-ranking first: With coming of smartphone technology the masses switched to this gadget for almost everything, and by 2016 mobile internet users exceeded desktop users. According to a report, 72.6% of internet users will access the internet through their mobile devices by 2025.

Your website should also be designed for phones, as more people have already adapted to smartphones. So that your website can easily be catered to clients.

  • Having using any kind of unnecessary information in the website content as it would not compel customers to proceed further on your website. Also, make sure that the loading speed is fast as this is one of the reasons for great user experience.
  • Web Analytics is also crucial as it helps you to gauge and keep a track on how your website is performing. As compared to Google Analytics, the tool gathers and organizes data accurately on your site’s performance. It is important to have because web analytics can help you discover which SEO tools and methods are working best.
  • The voice search option is what you should focus on, which has is used by SEO experts for growing website ranking. Voice search is basically way of conversational tones in your website content, which will intrigue customers to know more about your brand and its offerings.
  • To get maximum exposure for your brand, doing press releases is also one of the best options. It is an effective SEO technique for link building from trusted media web sites. Make sure the PR is formatted properly improve your page’s readability. This will result in improved engagement rate.
  • YouTube is also the second most popular search engine with more than 3 billion searches per month, surpassing Bing and Yahoo combined. If you’re adding a video on YouTube on your website, make sure the title is SEO-friendly. A research suggests that 55% of all keyword searches on Google search engine return at least one YouTube video.

Whenever you’re doing SEO for a particular website, make sure you’re aware of the latest techniques to engage your viewers better. Staying abreast of technical trends will help your website to rank high on SERPs.

Need more advice and guidance on SEO techniques? Get in touch with Futurescape Advertising. We are one of the leading advertising and digital marketing companies in Navi Mumbai.

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5 Steps to Create a Unique LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one place where you get to reach new prospects, find new candidates for jobs and get to connect with people for new business opportunity. One should make sure that it provides a synopsis of your overall professional experience. You will find few profiles which are complete with expertise, accomplishments, interests and education. If you have been looking for ways to create a unique LinkedIn Profile, below are the steps you should follow:

Step 1:
Create a headline which gives a complete picture of your career based on the keywords which are commonly used by people on search engines or on LinkedIn search tab. Make sure the title doesn’t stretch beyond 1-3 lines as people glance through your profile for not more than 10 seconds. Here’s an example of how a short and precise headline looks like:
Step 2:
Add a profile summary, which describes your personality and the job profile. Having a conversational tone for the summary is a better option to get more people engaged. The maximum limit is 2,000 characters.


Step 3:  
Create a personalized URL, which you can promote on your resume as well as add to your email signature. Also, it must not exceed beyond 5-30 characters or numbers without including any spaces.
Step 4:
Add your present and past work experience. In order to maximize a LinkedIn profile’s attractiveness, it is critical to keep your profile updated with the job roles you have managed in the past so as to make the reader understand about your job history.
Step 5:
Add skills and endorsements helps you to showcase your abilities to other members. One can add 50 skills to their profile. Your connection can also endorse a skill for you, and when someone does this, you will receive a notification. Skill endorsement is an effective way of building your professional brand.
From a business point of view, if you’re looking for new jobs, company news updates or want to know information about colleagues, LinkedIn is an apt social channel for all business-related everything. Now you can also reap the benefits of LinkedIn for brand promotion, simply get in touch with us.

Futurescape Advertising specializes in creating and executing comprehensive social media marketing strategies for businesses. If you’re ready to boost your business on any social media channel, get in touch with us for consultation.

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