Nowadays social networking is at its peak, which has caught the attention of celebrities, businesses, marketers and youngsters. One social platform which has been rapidly gaining popularity is Instagram. The social network is known for its visually appealing pictures, which makes the brand stand out from the rest. Often, when brands are trying to establish an image in the process to build credibility and trust among visitors, they are faced with hurdles which could lead to marketing blunders.

Here we have listed 5 Instagram mistakes which could be avoided: 


Instagram is about engaging with the target audience to build loyal subscribers or followers. Make sure that your marketer or social media executive responds whenever a query or a comment is mentioned in the comment section. This gives an impression that your brand values customer engagement.


When it comes to posting, be consistent. Make sure you have enough content to keep your profile active. Followers become interested in your brand if you’re posting regularly engaging content. However, in an attempt to bring more followers, no brand should post back-to-back images which won’t be counted as relevant. Followers will easily choose to unfollow your brand.


This is the major problem which brands need to understand prior to using it. The idea behind using a hashtag is they should be searchable which helps to categorize posts in Instagram. Brand should follow popular hashtags that match with the industry or sector they serve. Another thing, a marketer should remember is not overloading a post with innumerable hashtags. Make sure they are short & relevant.


Using low-quality images for business marketing is a big no-no. Often, when uploading certain posts some brands ignore the alignment or oddly cut out images. This could hamper a brand’s image. Your post needs to appear as professional as possible. There are times when certain brands share pictures that are not relevant. Create a fine balance between your random & relevant posts.

Bio link:

Brands looking to gain traffic to website tend to forget to add a link to their actual business site. Hence, whether your brand is a retail or an enterprise, it is necessary to add a website link to drive more users.

If your brand faces any mistakes, make sure you fix it then and there. The social networking platform is here to stay, therefore use it suitably to grow followers and grow the loyal user base. Are there any other marketing blunders you have faced while doing Instagram marketing? Do let us know in the comment section below. Get in touch with Futurescape Advertising for the best advertising and digital marketing campaigns. We are based in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

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