About 80% of business search results are influenced by social media accounts and online reviews and not by actual business websites, according to 2011 report released by an advertising firm Marchex. Online reviews improve your reputation online and impacts the decision of customers. This has been proven in BrightLocal’s survey which states that two-thirds of customers form their opinion of a business after reading just four reviews.


Reviews can be either positive or negative. It is not always that a brand will get positive review on Google or other view sites. Negative reviews can tarnish the image of a brand, thus affecting in the long-run. Ignoring a bad review only makes things worse.

Is your business facing a negative review? If you’re not familiar on how to deal with negative reviews, here are some ways or measures you can tackle them.

Acting defensive:
It is obviously a nightmare, when an organization is faced with a negative review. It is advisable to not act in a defensive way which would again turn unfavourable for your brand. Get your thoughts in order and maybe you can respond to it after some time.

Whenever your brand faces a negative review, it is recommended to not avoid but leave a polite and thought-out public comment. If you fail to take action, it can lead to long-term consequences. At times, these reviews are written by spammers who always aim to harm the brand’s reputation.

Verify the reviewer:
Inspect the reviewer who has uploaded the negative review. Reach out to them, ask them how to settle the matter amicably. Once you communicate with abut the matter, you can know what is the core problem and offer a solution, when was the last time they did business with you and address them personally.

Beg for a review again:
After offering a solution, you may ask the customer to provide an updated review which would help your brand in a positive way. In the second instance, the updated review can be published so that it portrays that your brand is concerned in excelling customer experience.
You will be surprised to know that around 33% of negative reviews on Yelp turned positive when you take the time to respond to the upset customer.

Improvement is a wise decision:
If your brand is consistently receiving bad reviews regarding a particular customer service, then it is wise that you improve on the same and it’s time you change the way you work.
Is your business facing any bad review? How do you deal with it? Let us know in the comments section below.
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