As the year 2017 comes to an end, various social media platforms have witnessed a series of changes. In this post, let’s explore what updates Facebook has come up with in the last three months. Right from introducing creator tool, marketplace to explore feed, the social networking platform has implemented the features that will let your business to grow and expand your knowledge of ad services.

Check out some of the latest Facebook updates, you shouldn’t miss:

maxresdefaultAs more and more people are buying and selling goods on social media, the social media marvel has launched this feature. After successfully rolling out the Marketplace feature in 25 countries including US, Facebook has launched the update on the app in India allowing buying and selling of used goods. Marketplace is considered similar to apps like Quikr or OLX.
In its research, Facebook found that over 550 million people visit the site on a regular basis to buy and sell goods, accounting for a quarter of its 2 billion active monthly users.


facebook-question-browsersAfter introducing polling feature to Instagram stories, this feature has been extended on Facebook letting users to set up votable questions wherein you have an option of using photos or GIFs as answers. It is a great way to express a specific opinion, instead you thinking about what to comment. The fact is the answers will recorded and visible to all, and not just to the poll creator.

Creator Tool:
default-shareTo help video creators to create great videos, Facebook has launched Facebook Creator tool. This tool will help the community to make shoot videos with added features and personalize it with custom live stickers. Facebook Creator tool is available for iOS platform and it is expected to launch for Android in the coming months.

Targeting Options:
TargetingsFacebook has temporarily removed the two most prominent targeting options such as education and work to fight discriminatory advertising. The options will be added once the right processes are in place. This has caused a short-term difficulty in choosing audience for ad campaigns created by B2B Facebook advertisers. Limiting targeting audience means less desirable results.

Explore Feed:
facebook-explore-feedFacebook has rolled out an alternative a feature similar to News Feed” called as “Explore Feed” wherein users can know the latest updates about the pages you have liked or similar kind of pages that matches to your preferences. As of now, the feature is available for both mobile and desktop users.

Do you know any updates that you would like to share with us? Mention in the comment below.

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