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Are you on Social Media?

Do you know a person who is not on social media? If your answer is no, then you must be aware of how it is creating an impact on our lives. Well, the growing influence is not just on humans, but also on businesses. Be it a small, medium or a large business, every company is now on social media. In fact for startups, it is a great boon as the challenge of getting noticed is often faced by most startups. Hence, social media channels give an outlet to present your product/services to the right people. According to a study, 96% of businesses use social media marketing in some form or another globally.


Currently, there are four best platforms, which will help to reach your goal depending on your business needs:

  •  Facebook:

if you are looking to reach the masses, begin by making a Facebook page and posting regularly on it.


  • Twitter:

get the message across in 140 characters which are great to attract the short time span people have these days as they skim through their feeds.


  • LinkedIn:

With over 467 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for facilitating global networking.


  • YouTube:

This gives you a chance to make and promote videos that could help you outshine your competition.


If you’re running a startup, here’s how it can be boon for your business:

  1. Cost effective

If your startup doesn’t want to invest much in marketing, then head over to social media channels where you can promote products free of cost. Moreover, you can invest a small amount for creating witty and powerful ads, based on your target audience.

2. Better Reach 

Yes, social media is exactly where you will find your target audience based on different parameters such as demographic, geographic, interests, gender, education, profession, among others. Reach your prospects and engage with them. You can reach the majority of your audience at once and receive feedback.

3. Lead generation

Want to grow your sales? Social media helps you tap the right prospects, thus helping you closer to higher sales. For that, it is necessary for your startup to get on the right platform, at the right time, in front of the right audience.

4. Instant awareness

If your startup business has thought of a powerful campaign which will hit the right note of targeting then you will see instant results. People will begin noticing your brand since you have stood out in your marketing idea.


To reap the benefits, startup businesses should consider social media as part of their overall optimization strategy. Does your startup need any kind of direction to start from scratch? Let us help you out, Futurescape Advertising is the leading advertising and digital marketing company in Navi Mumbai.



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