Sponsored ads on social media is now a common phenomenon on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You will notice several companies have started opting for paid social media to maximize reach, sales, engagement and brand recognition.

Along with paid media, most businesses also focus on organically improving their brand. Each has their own role to play in your marketing strategy, and it’s important that you use them in their proper place to maximize your ROI. However, few brands avoid paid social media basically due to investment concern. Below are some reasons why should consider including Paid Social Media in your digital marketing strategy.

Expand your prospects & reach existing targets:
Paid social media lets you get strong sales leads and generate prospects, which has a possibility for getting converted easily. Hence, this is main reason why marketers are observing drop in organic reach as compared to paid ads. The sponsored ad makes easy to reach existing targets who have already shown interest in your business.

Advanced targeting:
Facebook lets you create sponsored ads by targeting potential customers based on demographic or behavioural traits. Using social media platforms to boost creative content with geographic targeting lets you grab the attention of customers, helping you garner new fans and shares.

Improved ROI:
Marketing is all about revenue and this is an important metric for measuring success of marketing activities. One of the main advantages of paid social media is improved return on investment (ROI). According to a study a Facebook page with over a million likes is likely to have an average engagement rate of 2%, while a tweet on Twitter will only reach 10% of a brand’s followers.

Setting up sponsored ads on social media is significantly cost-effective than any other advertising method. This type of ad strategy is considered as the best option as it helps to deliver message to a maximum number of people in the most inexpensive way.

What more can you ask from a marketing campaign that lets you reach unlimited number of potential customers at low cost? Is your brand looking out for similar kind of marketing strategy? Get in touch with us.

Futurescape Advertising specializes in creating and executing comprehensive social media marketing strategies for businesses. We are engaged in carrying out both organic and social media marketing to grow business and engage target audience. If you’re ready to boost your business, get in touch with us for consultation.

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