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What’s Email Marketing? What Is the Need for Email Marketing?

From digital marketers to entrepreneurs, we all are aware of what Email marketing is and what can be its benefits. How it gets us leads & provides us with beneficial and potential clients for our business, but many are unaware of its true benefits and still face away from making complete use of Email marketing.

Below are some of the benefits which are imperative to imply on our businesses to make most of our connections and business. In order to understand what actually Email marketing does for us, let us go through the article and have a quick look at some of the important pointers.

Let’s try to understand what is the “ Actual “ need for email marketing

  • Email Marketing Gives You A Broader Reach - 

Let us keep the audience of social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin aside as we are talking about professional Emails in here, also if you do a quick research about it you will find out that

“The total number of worldwide email accounts was around 5 billion in recent years, imagine what would be the count in 2020?”

The broader the reach, sweeter the results, Email marketing is the most effective way to reach the mass population at the same time and grab their attention for your brand.

  • Email Marketing Helps Your Message To Be Delivered Clearly -

Social media campaigns and creatives look interesting, they invite attention, and also it looks quite attractive, that’s what helps you in branding and brand recognition. But when talking about Email marketing it helps us deliver our message on a very clear and honest note.

We have enough space to talk, share our views, share our details, and also show the creative side which will represent the thoughts and image of the brand and organization.

  • Email Leads You To Beneficial Conversions - 

The marketers and entrepreneurs are always keen and focused on conversions, irrelevant of what strategy of marketing they are using for their business, they prefer the topmost priority as their conversions.

With infinite experience and understanding, we as an agency suggest that when it comes to conversions; nothing can beat E-mail marketing.

If you had a look then you will realize that the average click-through rate of an email campaign is around 3% whereas the average click-through rate, from a tweet, is about 0.5%. This means that if you go for email marketing, you are more likely to get more conversions for your email compared to twitter.


Futurescape Advertising Agency in Vashi – Navi Mumbai is one of the most beneficial and supportive agencies to work with for your branding, marketing, and advertising. We are an expert Email marketing company in the entire town, also with proper planning and strategy for your business, we can curate and customize an email marketing plan from which you will get benefits 10x and also would be able to grab the attention of the different audience from a plethora of platforms.

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Different Ways to Enhance EMail Marketing Strategies

Throughout the years, email marketing has stayed one of the best approaches to change over possibilities, just as existing customers, into sales and revenue.

At the point when you set aside the effort to assemble an email show, it enables you to contact your Target audience whenever – your customers will be using their smartphones. It won’t be wrong to say that it will be every minute of every day. Email marketing services additionally furnishes you with a great deal of information that can be utilized to assess execution and make enhancements – open rates, click-through rates, spam complaints, withdraw rates, and so on.

Things being what they are, how would you improve your email marketing execution to exploit one of the best types of online marketing? Here are five different ways to get progressively out of your email marketing endeavors.

1. Consistently polish and verify your email list - 

At the point when somebody is including their email address to your list it’s conceivable they commit an error, give a fake email by and large, or they in the long run change to another email address. This can negatively affect your email conveyance execution, as the emails can bob, go straightforwardly into spam folders and even get you named as a spammer. Run your list through a cleaning and confirmation administration all the time to ensure you are continually working with a precise list.

2. Personalize your email - 

Consider the huge number of emails you get each and every day – the individuals on your list are the same. You have to comprehend that regardless of whether somebody opens your email, they will undoubtedly erase it before looking down except if you catch their eye. Customizing the start with a straightforward, ‘Hey [recipient's first name],’ can assist withdrawing in the peruser enough to get them to in any event start to peruse your offer,”

3. Choose multiple email sending times - 

Here it is important to experiment or play with the time you send the emails. You can’t just relax by sending an email to your target audience or email list in the morning and expect them to see. You need to send the email multiple times, depending upon the response from your target audience. For example- there are people who scroll through their email list in the night only before going to bed. Others might do it during their lunch break or during their evening stroll. So figure out the time pattern and mail multiple times in a day.

4. Smaller List with a better response- make it - 

Don’t think twice about making an extra email list of responsive people. Give them more reasons to act and take action in your business’ favor. This will attract more revenue and brand value. A smaller list of responsive people is better than a larger list of people who never respond. So strictly monitor your inbox for such people and do it regularly.

5. Use a responsive email template - 

The majority of your subscribers will be opening your emails on their smartphones, so it’s important that you use a newsletter template that’s responsive. If you use a service a digital marketing agency and email marketing agency like Futurescape Advertising-as their templates are responsive and deliver your message perfectly across all devices and screen sizes. Take it above and beyond and have a custom template structured so your emails are branded and stand out. The expense is minimal and it assists with giving your email marketing exertion a considerably more professional look. Also, include a simple to understand and easy to do call of action.

Futurescape Advertising is the best email marketing agency place to connect to your audience through email marketing services. They create content that has a very high response rate.


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4 Strategic Ways To Use Social Media To Build Your Email List

Looking to build your email list? Social media can serve as a great tool for growing your interested prospects. Often, it is noticed that several email marketing campaigns fail due to lack of quality database. Growing followers on social media platforms is one thing, but converting them into email list is yet another vital fact. Would you like to turn your followers into email leads? Let’s get to know 4 strategies that you can use right now:


Facebook and LinkedIn Groups:
Both social networking channels can be leveraged well to establish contact with potential target audience. Till now, you must have used LinkedIn only to grow your B2B contacts, but do you know you can also use it to search for would-be clients?

Make sure you are a part of a relevant groups on Facebook & LinkedIn, if not, then you can also create your own group, which gives you an excellent opportunity to invite the members & download your free opt-in offers or newsletters.

Facebook Lead Generation Ads:
Email lists can also be grown with relevant subscribers when you create Facebook Lead Generation ads. The ads will help you target prospects when the content is engaging and image matches with the copy. They allow you to collect email addresses and more personal data. Facebook ads targets your exact demographic depending on the the targeting options you have selected, plus the results can be dramatic.

Promote newsletter in Instagram Stories or Snapchat:
Would you want to promote a new product release, exclusive feature, or anything else? If you’re active on Instagram or Snapchat then make sure you add stories in your brand profile, which can be linked to your newsletter.
Do ensure how subscribing to the newsletter will keep your target audience updated about the recent brand promotions.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards:
When it comes to garnering a good amount of email list building, Twitter Lead Generation Cards is also an ideal option. To use this feature, you need to sign up for a Twitter Ads account to build a Lead Generation Card. The presence of large audience will accelerate your email list building process. Not just lead cards, Twitter offers more than one ways to grow your email subscriber list with sponsored / promoted posts and paid ads.

Growing email marketing list is a continual process and it needs to be updated from time to time for growing your business sales. Using social media for building loyal subscribers is definitely a great way to grow the rate of new subscriptions. Which is these strategy would you use? Have you used social media to grow your subscriber list? Let us know in the comments.

Email marketing is the easiest marketing communication for tapping new customers & it is proved through a study that at least 91% of consumers check their email every day. Are you keen on online promotion of your brand? Futurescape Advertising has the best strategies in place for making your brand stand out from the rest as we’re the top advertising & digital marketing company in Navi Mumbai.

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6 Myths Associated With Email Marketing


There are millions of emails sent everyday, but only few get opened & get clicked. Email click through rates is the biggest challenge faced by marketers. As per some experts, an email CTR which is more than 10% is said to be good, however; very few mails achieve the benchmark as many factors – opt-in, subject line, preview text & others determine its success rate.

There is a common myth that the trend of sending marketing mails is dead, however; it is still preferred as the best way to tap new prospects. It’s time to debunk six myths associated with email marketing.

1 2 3 4 5 6


The 6 myths listed above demonstrate that you need to have a right strategy in place to get the most benefit from your marketing efforts. Whether you’re sending one email per month or week, it should be a lead generator. Every business is distinctive and there can’t be one right way of doing email marketing. It is based on right message, right timing, past successes and your audience.

Are there any email marketing myths you would like to share with us? Mention in the comments below.

Is marketing mail a priority for your business and are you looking for an agency to help you out with it? We will do it for you. Futurescape Advertising is one of the leading online marketing companies based in Navi Mumbai.

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