If you think that advertising doesn’t do much for a brand apart from may be getting it noticed in the eyes of the audience then you are not alone. There are many who think advertising is more of an obligation than an asset to the brand. But that is not the whole truth. There are Read More →


If you have visited our website you might be thinking what is all this hullabaloo about colors. Why are they splashed everywhere on the website? Are they even important? You might think that the only significance of color is to attract attention or to visually please the reader. Well that’s not at all true. Colors Read More →

FS Advertising

Have you ever thought why companies like Coca Cola, GM, P&G etc. spend millions of dollars annually on advertising and promotions? It’s not because they want to, but because they have to, otherwise they won’t be visible to the consumers and would get lost in the vast sea of brands. Allure: The charm of advertising Read More →