Brands have their set paths of promotions. But many a times they do cross over to the other side to promote through unconventional mediums like movies. There have been ample instances where brands have benefited from bollywood movies. Lets take a look at some.   Movie: Love Brand: Maggi This 1991 classic is one of Read More →


Some ads are good and some are bad, but only those are effective that stays in the minds of the people for a long time. There have been many ads that have been in the news for wrong reasons, But one thing that cannot be doubted is that they certainly garnered people’s attention. Some for Read More →


If you think that advertising doesn’t do much for a brand apart from may be getting it noticed in the eyes of the audience then you are not alone. There are many who think advertising is more of an obligation than an asset to the brand. But that is not the whole truth. There are Read More →