Digital Design often gets confused or synonymed with Graphic Design. Though essentially both mean design, there are very subtle differences. As described by the Digital Design Agencies in India and worldwide, any form of presentation or design which is created, viewed and utilized on a digital platform is called Digital Design. It is a broad term used to refer to any type of visual communication done through a digital interface that a user can interact with. If put across simply, it is the graphic design created specifically to be used on computers. 

We have covered a much detailed description about digital design in a previous article. You can read it now, Top Digital Design Services In India.


Digital Design –

  • It is made for digital content. 
  • Digital designers create digital experiences for different interfaces so that people can interact with them. 

Graphic Design –

  • It is for print products. 
  • Graphic designers create visuals such as logos, infographics, advertising materials, or other assets that are meant to inform visually.

But fact is both digital and graphic designs overlap in many cases. Digital designers must have the skills to create digital graphic designs such as page layouts whereas graphic designers work with both digital and print media, i.e, the designers need to create such designs to go with both digital and print. 


Digital design is a vast category with a wide variety of digital interfaces which are involved with their own uses too. To understand it, let’s categorize :

  • Web Design : A website is the most crucial part of most of the businesses these days to build their brand online and to grow their credibility. So developing a website and designing it is the most vital type of digital designing. It is through the website, a brand communicates with their viewers and probable customers. It holds important information to spread.
  • Landing Page Design : It is equally important just like the home page design as this is the page that is focused on a particular product or service, giving out more information that the viewer needs to know about any of your particular products. Digital Designers need to create informative landing pages.
  • App Design : An app can be designed for mobile or desktop versions to focus on performing a certain action. It could be used for just anything like, shopping music, putting on alarm, scheduling or also other functions. 
  • App Icon Design : An important aspect of is the App Icon which is the app’s image in the app store. These are buttons users press to launch an app. They act as the advertisement and as branding. That is why, digital designers need to create something unique.
  • Infographic Design : Infographics can be print or digital. Digital versions here take advantage of animation and motion graphics to tell a story with information. Infographics are data on a subject presented with engaging graphics. 
  • Email Design : Emails are used by businesses for newsletters and marketing promotions. Email designs create cohesive branding across a company’s communications. A great email design increases reader retention. 
  • Banner Ads Design : Banner ads are small advertisements which are published on web pages where a brand has purchased advertising space. These are very interactive in nature. It increases brand awareness and turns viewers. 
  • Social Media Post & Page Design : Social media posts include static posts and dynamic ones,where images can be posted along with other posts. Avatars, cover images and images are common types. 
  • EBooks : Ebooks are electronic books. Brands often use these to share downloadable booklets with their customers. A digital designer creates all the visuals in the e-books that interact with the readers to make the experience more rich. 
  • 3D Design : 3D designs are very realistic. These are the three dimensional images made on a computer. These are mostly used for video games and the animated film industry for entertainment. Brands can use 3D designs and animated presentations to showcase a product. This is a form of digital art design. 


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