Packaging Design plays a crucial role in a customer’s overall brand experience. From supermarket shelves to home deliveries, from delivering a bunch of papers or sending gifts, any kind of package needs special care and attention. An important tip from the Best Packaging Design Companies in India is that your packaging should connect with your customer. And for that you need to know your customers. The best packaging design companies ensure that your brand’s packaging is customized according to your target market. 

Before starting your packaging design, your commissioned Packaging Design Company should be clear on: 

  • What is the product?
  • Who is buying the product? 
  • How are people buying the product? 

As the products can be divided into various categories, their packaging also varies greatly. The very same product might be bought by various people yet it might not be bought too. In fact there are many who mix and match different categories. Thus making Packaging Designs difficult at times. In case your customers are buying from a store or a showroom or some office, then the packaging could be real simple. In case, you knew your customer would drop by to pick up the package, you can always prepare beforehand with a customized packaging.  But if your customers shop online, in that case the Packaging Technique changes. 


  1. Keep It simple :

The best of the Best Packaging Design Companies in India insist that simplicity is the key in packaging. Try to keep the packaging designs simple. Simple to understand, simple to reuse, simple to recycle, simple to transfer from one place to another & simple to open. Always remember that less is more. Your customer should recognize your brand with a glance at the package. A clear and simple package design will give your brand increased visibility on store shelves. 

  1. Think outside the box :

The market is vast and the competition is huge. So to beat it, you need to think out of the box with your package designing. As one of the Best Packaging Design Companies in Vashi, we always strive to bring in something different, something unique while designing your package. This will increase the interest of your customers and probable customers. It should hold a different set of appeal and customers should find them attracted to it, making them buy it.

  1. Think about longevity :

Make the packaging practical in terms of shape, size, functionality & materials. You need to make sure it is durable, easy to open and easy to carry. If it is a high-end item, it should be reflected on the packaging. Try to make your packaging more user-friendly.  If your product pours, give the package a spout. If your product is of multiple use, you need to make sure the package is easy to reseal. Increase the shelf life of the product by making the packaging sturdy.

  1. Provide value based on your customers :

Your packaging design should reflect the brand and customer value. For example, if you are selling something for the moms and their children, try to make it more fun to operate with clear instruction labels and kits for the kids to play with. The Packaging Design should reflect the brand’s sustainable outlook. 

  1. Be sustainable :

 Also, the Best Packaging Design Companies in Mumbai highlighted that there is a paradigm shift in the world of packaging as people are becoming more and more environment-conscious. Having the nature-friendly element in the package design definitely gains it an extra edge. Try to use 100% recycled packaging material for packaging. Stop using plastics as they are not biodegradable. These days you can use biodegradable materials composed of herb seeds that will grow into plants after use. You can use such materials which can later be used as compost. Consumers often get irritated with huge packaging. There are times when huge boxes are used for small products and then this makes the environment harmful. Bigger is not always better so skip the extra layers of bags, boxes and plastics.  

  1. Choose bold colors :

Colors always play a very important role. Colors play with the emotions of your customers. You want the package to be eye-catching but not anything gaudy. The colors should complement and enhance the product. It should not fight or contrast with it. Colors capture the shopper’s attention. It should create appropriate emotional associations. It should reinforce brand identity. 

  1. Preserve and Protect :

Design the package that protects the product without excessive waste. Safety is very important especially for food products. The Food and Drug Administration has strict regulations for packaging to increase safety and prevent tampering. The product needs to be packaged in such a way that it can travel well and stay fresh. Your packaging also needs to keep your product intact during the shipping time to stores and consumers. Make it stackable keeping the product in mind. How the product will be displayed is a very important point while designing the packaging. 

Which one do you think is more important while designing a package- user-friendliness or sustainability? Share your views in the comments section.

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