Digital Marketing is the way through which brands use digital channels to market their products and services to reach the consumers. It involves the use of mobile devices, websites, social media, search engines and other similar channels. It is a broad field which attracts consumers via email, content marketing, search engines and social media. Digital marketing paves way to two-way interaction between the company and the consumer. That is why, these days, brands concentrate more on digital marketing. But yes the digital market is always changing, updating itself from one trend to another. That is why, each year comes with more trends that bring in fresh new content and business.


Growth of Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is growing exponentially aiding businesses to new highs. More and more brands are opting for influencers of different niches to influence the mass with their goods and services. Instead of advertisements and celebrity influencing, viewers get more attached with influencers who are normal common people only with a good profile and reach. Brands are utilizing that for their own benefit. They are getting huge viewers in exchange for a nominal charge in return. So influencer marketing is the latest trend in this digital world. 

Growth of Video Marketing:

One of the digital marketing trends that’s on constant rise since the last couple of years is video marketing. 2023 is likely to follow the trend as well. Instead of reading a post, people prefer to watch a video. Videos are easy to connect with. Viewers react more watching videos about any product or services or about the whole brand. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., came up with new tools like reels, shorts, stories and IGTV videos, so that brands and influencers can create more and more content taking the help of these tools. Brands are focussing more and more on videos as content to post everywhere.

SEO, Images & Video Search:

According to Google, a maximum of searches are now done on mobile devices, which opens up a hot new SEO trend in 2023 i.e. optimizing for maximum visibility in mobile device searches. Previously Google used to index a website based on its desktop version. But now, they are considering the  mobile versions. It is advised to create a user-friendly navigation system, a responsive design and quick loading times in all the devices for better indexing. Another important search trend is visual search. Instead of using keywords, this type of search looks for information using pictures. For instance, you may take a photo of an object to learn more about it using Google Lens. 

Conversational Marketing:

Conversational marketing is a customer-centered and dialogue-driven marketing technique. It is built on one-to-one interactions across channels in real time. Websites have Live Chat tools which deliver a better customer experience. Visitors visiting the websites can have an actual conversation and get their questions answered in real time. Interacting with customers with a personalized touch, enables the businesses to strengthen customer connections and improve their online customer experience. By interacting with customers and customizing interactions online, businesses can strengthen customer connections, improve their online customer experience and all of these generate quality leads.

The Reinvention of Email Marketing:

Almost everyone has an email account which means brands can easily engage with their consumers through them. For the last few years, email marketing regained its place as a very important tool. One growing trend to watch out for 2023 is toward a feature called “interactivity” and it is helping boost email performance. Interactive emails include elements like carousels of images, games or embedded videos that users can interact with without having to visit another page and leave their inbox. Users can change aspects in interactive emails without leaving their inbox or visiting another page. That is why, brands are preferring email marketing. 

Digital marketing is evolving rapidly with new technologies, tools and space  enabling better customer engagement opportunities for brands. Keeping an eye on trends is a good first step. But  marketing professionals and students aiming to stand out should consciously invest in upskilling themselves regularly. Being able to evolve one’s skill sets along with the changing digital marketing landscape is crucial to growing in this domain.

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