Brochure Designing. Are brochures still relevant? 

Many of you might be wondering why businesses invest money, time and labor to print brochures in the age of digital marketing!


A brochure for marketing is a small document or pamphlet designed to describe and promote various products and services of a company for marketing. They are usually a single fold or multifold paper based document. They come in various shapes and sizes. With the advent of the digital age, they come in digital forms too. 

Usually whenever the word brochure is said, you tend to think of a traditional type of brochure. But as brought to notice by the Best Brochure Design Agency in Vashi, with the ongoing digital trend, brochures are made digitally these days too. Digital brochures can report back everything from read times to bounce rate. Adding to that digital brochures are cost effective too. In spite of many advantages, traditional brochures give a physical contact and connect with the audience more. 


Here are some of the tips procured from the Top Brochure Design Agency in Mumbai that can help you in designing an effective brochure for your client.

  • Think Simple :

Try to keep the design simple yet not boring, like on a white background emboss the title in clear font. Embossing adds an interesting texture to the brochure. Simple as in with fewer elements but full of information. A clutter free brochure gathers more attention. Best Leaflet Design Companies try to keep the surprises hidden inside your multiple page brochures. It will get bigger impacts from your audience when they open it. 

  • Add Engaging Graphics :

It is important to add graphics in the brochure. It is very engaging in nature. It connects with the audience more. It is very eye-catching. It can be formatted into the brochure. If done properly, it can impart information to your audience properly. 

  • Include Good Quality Images & Charts:

People get attracted to eye-catching images and charts. It is easy to connect with images for anyone from any age group. Instead of paragraphs, if information is added through charts, graphs and images, then it becomes interesting to go through. Always use colors that attract humans the most. 

  • Define Your Target Audience :

A top tip from the Top Flyers Design Services, a marketing brochure should be designed in a way that it will be able to target a specific segment of your market and also be able to drive metrics. You can categorize your market by age, buying cycle, income, location or lifestyle choices. Your brochure design should be based on a specific customer segment to get more results. 

  • Thoughtful Targeted Messaging :

While working with Top Brochure Design Companies, we have noticed that they apply the formula of thoughtful targeted messaging. First think of a structure that you will follow. The next step would be to fill in the pages. For example, if it is a three page folding brochure, then you need to figure out what belongs on the front, on the middle and on the back of the brochure. Everything on the front page should have the power to compel your audience, pushing them to turn. You can add in great images along with a bold headline and a call-to-action. Then  the middle page should contain all the information about your products and services that you want to market. Keep in mind to make it precise and use simple language to understand. The back page should contain the history of your brand, about yourself and contact information. This will surely attract your targeted audience. 

  • Design Your Brochure based on a Theme :

Once you know the structure and what to write and include in it, you need to select a theme or a style based on your brand. Choose a theme color for your pages and then use another color for frames and letters. Crop out the images in order to perfectly fit in the brochure, making it aesthetically beautiful. You can play with colors but do not make it too loud. Choose one color for your title, one for your headings, one for normal paragraphs and one vibrant one for your Call-To-Action. You can choose a similar color and font for your contact information. The whole theme should sync in with the essence of your brand. 

  • Consider Your Materials :

Another top tip from the Best Brochure Design Companies that is so very important in today’s world. People are becoming more aware of the environmental hazards. So they are opting for environmentally-friendly materials. Recyclable materials make your business look more environmentally friendly and ‘green’, while something more industrial gives an entirely different, blue collar feel.

  • Make your Brochure Professional :

You can use design templates to give your brochure a professional look as that is a key to get conversions. Confusing page layouts, too many fonts & colors and too many things on a page usually bring out an unprofessional outlook. Your aim should be to sell and not to preach too much about your brand. Customers don’t have so much time so they would go straight to the purpose of the brochure. So you should be careful to include all the benefits that your customers might get from your products and services. In this way, your brochure will look professional and precise. 

Do you still set aside a budget for the brochures in your marketing plan? Share with us in the comments.

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