The providers of the Top Email Marketing Services in India have concluded that email has become a mainstay in the world of online marketing. The approximate number of email users in 2020 was 4 billion which is more than half of the world’s population. The year 2020 was not at all a good year for businesses, but yet it has pushed Email Marketing back to the forefront of digital marketing campaigns. 

As more and more consumers are preferring online shopping, it is creating an even greater need to engage and connect digitally. And email marketing is a great way to do this. As evaluated by the Top Email Marketing Service Providers in Mumbai, in a remote work environment, email marketing can be used to promote your products, spread knowledge about your brand ethics and send out newsletters. It is effective as emails can reach out to thousands of people all at a click of a button.


  1. Use Attractive Offers to Build Email Lists :

As briefed by one of the Top Email Marketing Services in Navi Mumbai, the first step towards running a successful email campaign is to build a strong, healthy email list. Incentivizing your users is a good idea as that might lead into giving you their email addresses. Do not buy any email list. Without consent, emailing users can only do more harm. This will damage brand reputation and also create low open rates, which in turn harm IP reputation, causing future emails to be marked as spam. You can build a healthy email list through innovative campaigns and compelling offers. You can give gift vouchers that attract your audience and invite them to share their email address with you. You can also use the process of acquiring emails via a lucky-draw or spin-the-wheel.

  1. Periodically Revise Your Email Lists :

The Top Email Marketing Service Providers in India swear by this. One might think of sending 100s of emails to maximize conversions. But that action might just sabotage the IP Address. Email open rates are crucial to IP Reputation. Any unsolicited and irrelevant email will go unheard. Be selective with your email list as that will give you a chance to keep the open rates high. Send emails to those who are sure that they will open and read your email. Sending irrelevant emails to users will risk you going to a spam folder. Keep reviewing and verifying your email list every 6-12 months. Keep only those email addresses that show the greatest open rates, and discard the rest.

  1. Keep Your Emails Simple :

People receive almost 100 emails per day. With so many emails, yours can very well get lost in the crowd. The only way to stand out amidst the ocean is to keep your emails contextual. Make it more relevant for your users. You can also incentivize them to open the emails. To make contextualization possible, you need to segment your users into different groups based on their actions and behavior.

  1. Personalize Your Emails through Categorisation :

The hyper-personalized and micro-segmented email campaigns are the new mantra of the Top Email Marketing Services in Mumbai. They can do wonders for your business. You should use email personalization methods for your own benefits. You can create segments and categories that capture user preferences and behavior and then use this information to send them personalized emails that address their greatest needs. Some email segmentation strategies are –

  • Segmenting by age, sex, and location
  • Using quizzes and surveys to understand where their interests lie
  • Analyzing customer purchase history
  • Mapping usage frequency
  • Checking customer behavior on your app or website
  1. Improve Email Deliverability :

Proper segmentation and contextualisation plays important roles in the increase of deliverability of emails. For as long as email marketing exists, email deliverability always comes as a challenge for marketers. You should send emails to those groups of people who are most likely to open them. This then informs the email algorithm that these are not spam and to keep them in the updates/inbox folder. Emails that don’t look or read great go to the trash. Choosing a good email marketing platform is important as that gives good deliverability rates. 

  1. Track the Right Metrics :

Tracking the metrics and all the necessary ones is a crucial part to maintain your email marketing strategy. Top Email Marketing Services say that while open rates and click rates are the most significant and popular metrics to track, there are a few others, like:

  • Deliverability and delivery rate
  • IP reputation
  • Conversion rate and ROI
  • Subscriber health
  1. Apply Smart Strategies for Unsubscribes :

It is important to give users an opt-out mechanism. It improves brand perception. It is difficult to build an email list, so it can be disheartening to see people unsubscribe frequently. So it is important to give your email readers an opt-out mechanism. You need to make the process easy to apply, else it reflects poorly on the brand and customer sentiment. Always allow uninterested customers to opt out as that ensures your email lists to be healthy and so requires less overhaul.

  1. Make it More Interactive :

Interactive Marketing is a great way to increase engagement and is gaining popularity presently among the Top Email Marketing Services in India. There are a number of simple ways that you can incorporate within your email marketing strategy, like –

  • GIFs and hover-over imagery
  • Clear Call-To-Actions
  • Choice of Dark or Light Mode
  • Polls & Surveys 
  • Interactive carousel posts to show products and services
  • Gamification elements 

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