If you are a brand and you are planning to thrive using social media, well then you need to ace Facebook marketing as that is going to be the key to your success. 

As per estimates projected by the Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Mumbai, more or less 2.8 billion people use Facebook every month. It has 1 billion daily active users. In a span of 13 years Facebook became this giant base for relationships of all kinds be it familial or professional. It is not just a place for late night banters and cryptic comments, it has turned into something more which takes in and gives back more in the process. 

Every moment one person or the other gets advertisements of different brands on their feeds. They get business related brochures on their feeds every other day. And that is extremely beneficial for any brands who are invested in Facebook Marketing

But you need more than luck – yes real hard work with brains, i.e. a focused Facebook Marketing Strategy – to utilize and get that kind of exposure. Today we have collated several tips given by some of the best social media marketing agencies in Mumbai for you.


Variety in Image Posts :

As observed by Top Social Media Marketing Service Providers, the photo posts see much higher engagement than mere text posts in Facebook. An attractive high quality photo is more compelling and catches the attention of potential customers while they scroll through their feed. This technique can be exceptionally beneficial for the product-based businesses. Try to make the photo size appropriate to Facebook standards. There are many ways you can upload photos on Facebook. You can create an album and update your photos there. You can add date and description while creating your album. It is easier this way as you get to upload many photos under one album. You can easily segregate here. Then there are the multi-image posts where you can just upload photos and you don’t have to create any album. This is good for not so many photos. You can create carousel posts with upto 5 photos and you can add your link here. With just a click, the visitor will land up on your website. 

Improvement on Links Clicks :

A technique used extensively by the Best Facebook Marketing Service Providers issocial media links to include your site links on Facebook. You can share links to articles, landing pages, product pages or any web content. For smooth link clicks, keep in mind to shorten your links from bit.ly. Facebook selects the best photos for your links when you try to post photo posts with links. To avoid big links with too much text, you can easily copy-paste the shorter bit.ly link. Once Facebook shows the preview, delete the link and Write texts. 

Target Oriented Facebook Posts :

You can easily make Facebook posts through which you can target your audiences. You know whom to reach for your business. So when you post, you can choose your target audiences because of the extra opportunities given by Facebook. If you have more than 5000 followers, then you get to choose your audiences from the given categories. 

Application of Social Message Optimizer :

Social Message Optimizer is an amazing tool launched to analyze posts before publishing them. All you have to do is to type your draft in the analyzer and press enter. You will get to know its score on the draft. It will give you an overview of the keywords, content, depth, characters, hashtags, emojis, etc used. Based on your score you can edit your draft and post the final outcome on Facebook. This way the chances of your posts reach increases making them more compelling. Marketers engaged with the  Best Social Media Marketing Agencies swear by this step.


Smart Application of Social Sharing Buttons :

Well as you have a website for your brand to continue online, all the traffic must be coming on your website to know about your products and services along with buying them and also knowing more about your brand. You can easily use social media buttons on your website so that your visitors and customers check out your Facebook Page to keep a track on latest offers and sales and discounts going on based on festivals or just like that. However, remember that Top Social Media Marketing Service providers always suggest keeping in mind to make sure your buttons are strategically placed on your websites so that it’s easy to find and link back to your social media channels. Keep your icons updated to the current versions. 

Addition of Your Facebook Link in Your Email Signature :

Have you added your Facebook link in your email signature? If not then you must add in as quickly as possible to drive more traffic on your Facebook pages. It is simple on Gmail. Open the settings and opt for email signature. Type in your email signature. Highlight Facebook and add in your link. You can hyperlink it with the text Facebook and save that to use it. So everytime you send an email, the recipient will know that you have a Facebook Page and you are available there too.

Pin Your Post to the Top of Your Facebook Business Page : 

Do you pin your Facebook post to the top of your page? No?? Then start pinning from this moment onwards. The Best Facebook Marketing Professionals suggest that it is supremely beneficial as it extends the life of that particular post on your page for 7 days. Wondering which types of posts should you be pinning to the top or you can just pin any? Well pin that post which is already gaining a good amount of engagement from your followers or you can pin that post which already has a high reach. 


Influencer Collaboration Campaigns: 

The  Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Mumbai say that it is a great way to collaborate with influencers to gain reach on your Facebook page organically. When you collaborate with the influencers, their audiences will start knowing you. They will visit your page and might even like what they see driving traffic to your page and your website too. This way you get business too. Now you need to keep a tab on a few things like what type of collaboration you wish to do. You can opt for –

  • Paid Collaboration where you pay them to promote your business page properly, giving honest feedback on your products and services.
  • Barter Collaboration where in exchange for your products or services the appointed influencers will share reviews and promote your brand.

Tag People & Companies in Your Facebook Posts :

Amidst an ocean of posts on Facebook, it is really hard to get the right kind of posts on the feed. Some good posts even get lost due to other irrelevant posts. This happens on a daily basis with millions. That is why when you tag probable customers, companies and influencers, they get specific notifications and then it becomes easier for them to view the post. So you should always tag people and companies in your Facebook posts. But keep in mind to tag them who are relevant to your content. Tag your targeted audience who might be interested in your brand. It is advisable not to tag personal profiles as they mostly are not even visible to others due to settings. Always keep in mind to set a purpose behind every tagging then only it would provide value.
Do you have any tips for Facebook Marketing to share with us? Share in the comments below. Also do not forget to check the Top Facebook Marketing Tips – Part 2 for more tips.

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