A website is an important part for any company these days. It is the very face of a brand that provides the customers the information about the brand, product, services and more. As per the opinions of Best Website Development Companies in India, a website also functions as a means of advertising, which helps generate more business. The website is therefore a crucial part of any company. Real estate companies are no different. They too need well-designed and informative websites to drive customers to the actual venue. However, depending on the type of business, companies requirements of Website Designing may vary.

The Good Website Development and Design Companies in India have put forth the view that real estate websites should have a clear and compelling design that is easy for visitors to navigate. Real estate websites should be designed to build trust as a home or property is one of the most important purchases somebody ever makes and has sentimental values. The buyer has to trust that the real estate agency cares as much about their investment as they do. Once a website does that, it will bring in conversions from visitors to buyers in no time. 


Being one of the Best Website Development Companies in Mumbai, Futurescape Advertising has years of experience in website design and development. Our expert programmers help our clients to create websites that are secured, scalable, interactive and informative to build a strong online presence and market the brand to the targeted audience most efficiently.

We have collated some of the best tips to help out the real estate companies design their websites efficiently.


User-Focussed Approach : You have to design your website with an user-focused approach. Users have become more demanding now. There is a huge competition out there and if your website doesn’t meet the users’ needs then you risk losing potential clients. You can check your competitors’ websites, analyze their strengths and weaknesses to get a deeper understanding of how you can make your website better. To make your website user-friendly you can follow these key steps :

  • Be consistent with the look on each site page.
  • Place all links, buttons and forms on the places where it is easy to see.
  • Make it simple to follow. Minimal is more.
  • Make the design as friendly as possible so that visitors don’t have to make any mistakes while navigating. 
  • Present all the content in a logical, well-organized and simple way. 

Usability : A flashy website full of cool and trendy animation will actually fail when it comes to usability testing. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid :

  • Complicated navigation 
  • Huge menus
  • Non-mobile-friendly layout
  • Broken links
  • Bugs
  • Slow loading speed

A Good Website Design is that which not only pleases the customer and helps them find what they are looking for, but also increases the efficacy of your online business, like :

  • reducing the burden on your support team,
  • having a beneficial effect on a site database and infrastructure,
  • bringing in more leads and increasing conversions,
  • cutting significant training costs.

Mobile Friendly Design : It is a fact that people surf the most on their mobile phones rather than on desktops, laptops or other devices. So you have to make your website design mobile-friendly else you will be a step behind in this competitive market. Your website must be designed responsively with elements that make your site content accessible on any browser, platform or device.

Search Tools : The expert market researchers working with some of the Best Website Development Companies have shared the input that there are some real estate customers who are more savvy than others. But there are many who have no idea how to even start their search on the internet for real estate blogs and sites to look for properties. Placing different search tools in your website will allow you to appeal to these users. This will boost your chances of gaining leads and potential clients. Some of the search tools for your website are :

  • Quick Search Toolbars
  • Advanced Search Page
  • Interactive Map Search Page

Qualitative Images : Images are the soul of a website. So you have to incorporate good quality images on your website always. A good article gives valuable information but good photographs have the power to evoke emotions and capture the imaginations of your viewers. Images make an article alive. It breaks the monotony of just reading words. Stock photos and video footage are always a cost-effective option for your website. 

Simple Navigation : Simple navigation system is the key to gaining more visitors and increasing their time of stay on the website. When a potential buyer searches on Google for real estate websites and lands on your site, make sure that phase is quick and easy. You need to keep your website design user-friendly so that it becomes easy for your visitors to explore easily. Keep in mind these points :

  • You should keep your website’s main sections visible at all times. 
  • Use descriptive labels and captions to grab more quick attention from your visitors. This helps the SEO too.
  • You need to avoid drop down menus as they are not user-friendly or search engine friendly. 

Testimonials : The vital way to sustain in this competitive industry is through word of mouth. In the real estate industry, it would be good if your buyers give testimonies about your business. In this way, knowledge about your business and how it operates will spread and gain more reach in the process. You can dedicate a whole page on your website with testimonials. Choose properly from the lot and share those which highlight your strengths. You can also ask your buyers to post video testimonials too. 

Real Estate Blog : Best website development and designing companies always insist on adding a blog section to the real estate website or for that matter any website. A blog is the perfect way to engage with your potential buyers. You can provide advice on home-ownership, maintenance, remodeling and growing the value of their asset. A buyer will keep you in mind in case of any future prospects in buying or selling properties. With the help of the blog you can let your visitors know you more and make your website a place where they get more knowledge along with buying opportunities. 

Through blog you can come out more as an adviser and gain the trust by engaging in life stories and more details on topics like –

  • Buying a house (criteria, selection, choice, financing)
  • Relocation and moving
  • Fluctuations in the real estate market
  • Legal remedies (legal documents, guarantees, hidden defects)
  • Home insurance
  • Residential renovation
  • Interior decoration
  • Selling a property
  • Celebrity residences
  • Seasonal advice (gardens, maintenance, etc.)

Social Media Buttons : When you are designing your website, don’t forget to include social media buttons. You can add it on the side bars or at the bottom of the page. It is better to include the social media buttons at every page. The main purpose of adding in the social media buttons in your website is to bring in more visitors and showing them how your real estate business operates from platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which are the two top most social media platforms which are ruling the world. Your visitors can see your active participation on these platforms providing information about properties through static and video posts. You can ask your visitors to share your blog posts on social media platforms directly from your website too. That helps in reaching out to more people. 

Do you have any other Website Development and Designing tips and tricks in your kitty? Share with us in the comments section.

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